Celexa Dosage

Hi Everyone-
I’m finally ready to take the plunge and start the Celexa the MD prescribed for me. I have 20 mg pills that I plan on cutting in half. My question for those who are on or who have tried Celexa is what was your starting dose? He wanted me to start right off with the 20, I told him I would be cutting it in half but now I am thinking should I even cut it into quarters? It looks like some people have gotten good results with just 2.5 if I am not mistaken. I’m excited because this is my first try at a preventative but nervous about side effects. Any words of advice would be great!
Thanks everyone-- have a great night!

Hi Cartney,

I originally started at 10 mg and was fine. You could start at 5 if you feel more comfortable but this med seems to be very well tolerated. The sweet spot for me was 15 mg.

It is Paxil that works for me at 2.5 mg. I don’t think you’ll get anything from Celexa at that dose.