Celexa trial

Hi Everyone,

I know I haven’t been writing in a while …
I’ve been trying Celexa/Cipramil for the past six weeks and I’ve been feeling ok on it, until I increased the dosage a couple of days ago. I started off on 5 mg and now I’m up to 20 mg. I felt 30-40% better when I went up to 15 mg and it has taken care of my headaches and some of the dizziness, but not all of it. It has made my life a little easier, and I started a new job a few weeks a ago (part-time).
However, I’m not sure if I’m going to stay on Celexa or add another drug to the mix. I might try Verapamil if Dr. Hain thinks it’s a good idea. I’m feeling pretty dizzy now, more than I did when I wasn’t on the medicine.

Who here on the forum, except Scott has been on or is taking Celexa? Did you experience dizziness from it? Do all SSRIs make you dizzy?

Let me know your thoughts,