Celiac and migraines

I found some interesting stuff about migraines and celiac disease on the net. Here is a link about it:
webmd.com/migraines-headache … ac-disease
(but one can just google celiac and migraines).
I just can’t help hoping that I could be one among those few percent of people who have celiac disease and can get rid of migraines by staying away from gluten (I don’t really believe I am, but want to get tested).
I’m wondering if any of you have tested positive for celiac disease or improved by going gluten-free (or know someone who have)?
I remember reading in some of your old posts, Jenny, that you tried a gluten-free diet and went into remission. Did you start getting worse after reintroducing gluten to the diet, or did you just get worse again anyway? Do you eat gluten now?

I got better on a gluten free diet (still on it, though without any diagnosis)… but the migraine/dizziness is unchanged. Only the stomach got better. Still worth it for me, though. I did a “gluten trial” back in January. The dizziness was again unchanged, but lets just say that the stomach wasn’t.

Hi Anette,
First of all don’t start a gluten free diet without getting tested first!!!
If have celiac disease they can’t get a blood level reading unless you eating it.
Some blood test needs to be performed more than once.
if all else fails there is a gene test , or a test that checks the opening of your small intestine where the villy is,it’sdone through the mouth into your stomach, I wouldn’t suggest it, as its invasive and they wouldn’t do it unless you have a positive blood test first.Ask your doc about it.
Interestingly I did get better on a gluten free diet, but I was very strict on myself, I’ve now realized why this happened.
A lot of the foods I avoided were also on the migraine diet, purely because they sometimes contained small traces of wheat,
In the making of them, say a thickener or a flavoring, some vinegars in pickles, the list is a long one.
I did have improvement and that’s the only reason I think to be honest.
It only took one night of drinking red wine with my cousin who I’d not seen forever, so we stayed up late, and it triggered my migraine into an ongoing cycle.
My remission only lasted 2 months, on the gluten free diet.
I did the gluten free diet for a year.

Your right Anette, migraine does go hand in hand with celiac, also other neurological stuff, including dizziness and balance issues.
Celiacs with cerebellum atrophy (shrinkage) often start to VERY SLOWLY recover after a year or 2 on gluten free diet.
That doesn’t mean fully, there might just be improvement.
So if you were unlucky to have celiacs, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,
Then the gluten free diet could possibly help your migraines.

All the Best.
jen :mrgreen:

— Begin quote from “jennyd”

I wouldn’t suggest it as its invasive and they wouldn’t do it unless you have a positive blood test first.
Ask your doc about it.

— End quote

Hmm I doubt that. The blood test catches about 70-80% of all cases (something like that), while the biopsy is over 99%. So, about 20% of cases would have a negative blood test and a positive biopsy.
My blood test was negative, btw.

Have you got celiacs, did you have the biopsy?
And I think if you read my post, I did say that the blood tests aren’t all that reliable.
I opted to have a GENE BLOOD TEST to save going under anesthetic, anesthetic can be invasive.