Celiac Disease

Anyone out there intolerant of wheat? I was diagnosed three years ago and have been gluten free since. Every now and then I cheat and eat something with wheat, but have never linked eating wheat with dizziness/vertigo. Has anyone gotten relief from MAV by eating gluten free?

Long story short: stopped gluten, didn’t help my MAV but it did help me.
Longer version:
I don’t have a formal diagnosis, but I stopped eating all gluten in October 2007, and while it changed my stomach quite drastically after a few weeks, it did nothing whatsoever for my MAV. Avoiding gluten is a pain, but it’s worth it to not wake up every morning because you feel sick and need to go to the bathroom.
I tried reintroducing it for a few days, and the result was lots of bloating, stomach aches and other related trouble. The day I was on the bed doubled over in pain for two hours was the last day of my trial. Again nothing related to MAV, though. The day after I quit it again, back to normal.


I wish I could say it worked for me. I went without wheat/gluten for about a month hoping that would do the trick but it didn’t change a thing, still felt as terrible as ever. I have also gone without dairy, without nuts, without bananas, without citrus, etc. I think I have given up everything at one time or another but nothing ever changed.

As it now, I avoid most processed food and avoid just about anything that should be avoided on the migraine diet. My friends can’t believe how disciplined I am when it comes to eating. Despite my good intentions I continue to feel motion sick and on the edge of vertigo 24/7. I also go low salt. If I could find out what it is that is making me feel so terrible I would avoid it like the plague for the rest of my life!!

Hi, I’m intolerant of wheat. Stopped eating it about 5 years ago. Tried spelt, rye and barley muesli recently. Result was three weeks of sick headaches. When I’ve inadvertantly ingested wheat even in small quantities (since giving it up) I’ve suffered lightheadedness verging on dizziness. For me wheat is part of the puzzle and so it seems to a lesser degree are the other glutenous grains. Although I think it’s the opioids in them that are the trouble for me, not the proteins. That’s something I’m researching at the moment.


I tried avoiding gluten a while back, but I didn’t feel any change.


I think avoiding gluten is also part of the puzzle for me. I discovered that it triggered symptoms (tinnitus, visual blurring and light-headedness) when I went on a strict elimination diet looking for food intolerances. I have been avoiding gluten now for about 6 months and I feel its part of what keeps me from relapsing. Whenever I have any gluten, either by accident, or because I can’t resist, I know within a very short time that I am going to regret it. I have also been getting treatment at a clinic in LA that specialises in Meniere’s and allergy - as I seem to have some kind of Meniere’s-like inner ear problem which is either mostly actually MAV or certainly exacerbated by MAV.