Change in pattern - scotoma

The last two days I’ve gotten the shimmery scotoma aura before my actual migriane hit. Today I got it just as I came into work and the headache is brutal along with the nausea. I used to get them alot but the past 8 months its been more dizziness, ear ringing, odors, etc. Any idea why my headache pattern would revert back to it’s old ways again? My head is HORRIBLE right now and I think I may have to go home. UGH!!!

No idea why, just that symptoms do change all the time.

What are you currenlty taking??

20 mg of nori for 3 months and 10 mg of Cipralex for one month. I also take 1/2 of a .5 of Klon at bedtime. I had a really good week last week up until Sunday and yesterday - worst its ever been. We had rainy, damp weekend but I’ve never had the weather affect me so bad.

I had a scintillating scotoma last night - also slightly different than usual. It was a shimmering crescent of fluoro yellow barbed wire. Then that left and I had ripples of pulsating white light. Praise Jesus!