Changing cities to get rid of VM

I live in Seattle which rains all the time. During summer, I was completely symptoms free. I am thinking if this is due to weather here? Does it make sense to move to a place which might be more constant weather year around.

Has anyone made such move? Did it help?

I’ve read of people experiencing a reduction in tinnitus with altitude. I can vouch for that having experienced a reduction on a high floor of a tall office block myself and it was repeatable.

Not sure about the other symptoms though!

I’ve been thinking about this too. I’m in Tampa, summer was miserable for me and coincidentally or not that’s when raining season happens here. But at the same time I wasn’t medicated yet so I can’t be for sure yet but now that I’m doing better I do notice increase in symptoms with the sporadic rain/thunderstorm we have around this time.

We moved here 3 years ago from PA and crazy enough everything started going downhill little by little after that move.

I think I’ll have to wait and see how next raining season goes and we’ll decide

Hey neighbor! You’re in good company here. I live in Sumner (Pierce County but not Tacoma for you fancy East Side addresses). @ander454 Erik lives in Seattle, I forget where exactly.

Better in the summer? I totally wasn’t but I was trialing and failing meds. One reason you might consider is Vitamin D. Getting any outside of our brief summer sun? We need lots. Every person here should be supplementing. Our area has two related things - low vitamin D and a high risk for developing MS. MAV is neuro-biochemical and may be more like MS in its origins than not, especially for those of us who’s autonomic systems have lost the plot. @MNEK18 Kirsty I’m sure can speak to that.

Are there reasons this summer had lower triggers than the rest of the year? Did your lifestyle change? What’s different about summer?

We have folks from every climate and altitude here. MAV seems indiscriminate. But we do react badly to changes in barometric pressure. There’s a thread here about that from last year. Search that and you’ll find a link to a list of average barometric pressure changes by major city and region. Look for some place with boring, not too hot weather. Good luck finding a decent job there.


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Thanks @flutters. My vitamin D and stored Iron came very low during last GP exam. I was on prescription medication for vitamins D for about 3 months.

Did you keep up with a daily? That well empties again pretty quickly.

Yes, I am on daily multivitamins that includes vitamin D

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My doctor kept me on 2,000 IU/day.

I would take a vacation to Eastern Washington and test your theory. My mom lives over there and she does better in general with health related issues. She thinks its because of more sun and less mold…