Using the search facility looking up ‘TMJ’ I found lots of posts from someone called Chaz over a year ago who seemed to post regularly on the subject…Then it seems nothing? Anybody know who/where he is/went…Seems he was investigating TMJ and then was no more…Did it work I wonder?

Hi there,

I’m not Chaz but I do have shocking TMJ (my elderly dentist who is an expert and lectures at Sydney University says I’m one of the worst he’s ever seen! Tops!). He did think it might help with migraines but I didn’t really discuss my migraine issues - I expect he was thinking along the lines of “excruciating headache”, which is not me. My TMJ gives me horrid jaw, face, head and neck pain and popping ears if I don’t wear my splint. Haven’t noticed any connection with migraine.

Hope that helps a bit.


Thats why I was researching it on here…The jury definately seems to be out as to TMJ causes MAV or is sympton of it…I’ve had a night guard I wear for months, hasnt helped other than stopping me from grinding my teeth down to stumps

Seems to be a fair few on here with it though…I’m still investigating…