Chiari Malformation and Migraines

I had a decompression of the brain for Chiari Malformation. The surgeon removes some bone from the back of your skull so the brain has more room to move around and hopefully the brain stem pops up and out of the spinal cord. I had no shelve on the back of my skull so my brain stem slipped into my spinal chord obstructing spinal fluid from flowing. It is often misdiagnosed until some of the symptoms appear and an MRI is done. I just thought it was interesting that I stumbled onto your site since I have so many health or medical issues. I have been on antidepressants and struggle with IBS. Migraines are terrible every day. But my most difficult problem are with fine motor skills and dropping episodes. It is easier to throw a baseball than fill out a form. Then I get muscle weakness and nausea when I look down like shoping, at church or walking the dog. I feel like a rag doll. Very, very tired.

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So the surgery was not a success? It sounds like a radical procedure.

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It is no surprise that you ended up on this site. CSF fluid flow issues are a cause of vertigo/headache. Did you have a csf leak that caused your chiari, or was it the other way around? If you are still having headaches have you talked to your surgeon about it? Have they done a csf flow study to ensure the flow is working? IBS is also closely related to all of this, and a symptom of migraine. I hope you find some answers and relief.

After 7 years of no longer being able to exercise, shaving in the tub, looking down to vacuum or clean, hospitalized from almost overdosing, unable to do my job, the migraines began. An MRI was done. I went to a renowned surgeon he put the X-RAY and said “I knew right away, you have Chiari Malformation” The surgical board advised the operation they said they could not promise it would work. I had to do it. I am not better but at least I know I am not imagining, lazy or a coward. I do have an illness.
I cannot tell you how many years Dr. would pass me to some other another specialist who played hot potato with me. You have depression, no you have chronic fatigue some form of it. Let us to a Complete blood count. Try a holistic Dr. I noticed that treatment for depression is like the middle ages when Drs just gave you a good blood letting. The Psychiatric and Md will admit they do not know why one pill will work for one person but not the other. There is no blood test, brain imagery or gene to help mental illness. You have heard about some medications by ‘fortune 500 company’s’ brought on more suicides. Family will tell you “I feel like I have to mother you” “Suck it up” “That is life”.