Chiropractors, do they work for MAV?

So I had the bright idea, before really thinking about it, to go to a chiropractor. I got all the tests on the first visit and scans, and now today I go back for results. Now that I am thinking about all of this, I am kind of scared to go back because I am feeling really great right now. I mean, why would I want to F- up a good thing? What if it makes it all come back? Have any of you gone to chiropractor for MAV and has it worked, gotten worse, or done nothing? I think i may just go to the results part today and then tell them I will be out of town and never call back. Damn, i wasted 150.00 but at lease i will save a bunch of money by not going 3x a week I guess

I’ve seen a physio for trigger point therapy and massage twice now and didn’t see any benefit x

Wouldn’t recommend letting any chiropractor near your neck/back! I did - recommended by a good friend as being ‘the best’ (but she didn’t have mav). Ended up with spinning vertigo! Not a good choice.

thank you barb, i was fearing that after i did the whole consultation and xrays. i got to thinking, this could make things worse. i think i will just not go. i guess my 150 lost is better than a month or 2 of the spins again. i just cant risk it.

Ugh. I have, in years past, seen a chiropractor for specific tension headaches which are completely different. A few manipulations a year and all good.

My balance PT says absolutely not (always neck in need of adjustment), but I am in agony with tight neck, shoulders, vise-like headache. Last massage during face down portion I got spins. That was sad.

Help! If I go prepared any chance I might be safe??? (i.e. meds and a driver).

I haven’t had vertigo since I started chiropractic care. It might not be the reason why but I’ve majorly improved since having my back and neck adjusted.

also, i’m a big believer in that our backs play a huge role in our overall health. When your nerves are functioning properly it can really improve your quality of life.