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Chronic fatigue and MAV

Been thinking about this for a while. I’m pretty sure I had chronic fatigue leading u
p to getting MAV in July, for several years after my son’s birth. I just couldn’t seem to get through a full day without a nap or huge tiredness setting in. Now that I’m resting a lot, listening to my body, for the first time in years I’m not suffering as much with the fatigue issue, although I’m permanently dizzy :crazy_face:
So I guess I’m wondering if they were part of the same spectrum of maybe lack of self-care / burn-out. Has anyone else had experience with chronic fatigue?
I’m even wondering if there’s something similar happening neurologically. A friend of mine has ME and the treatment is similar (amitriptiline).
I’m hoping that eventually when I come out of this I’ll be free of both.

Hi Lucy. I was diagnosed by a neurologist with ‘post viral syndrome’,which I think is just another name for ‘ME’ or ‘chronic fatique’ in 2004 after having had a really nasty flu like virus.I saw the same neurologist twice. I paid to see another neurologist in 2007 and had a MRI scan as I was so worried.I have had severe migraines since I was young and the vertigo on and off for years. I am wondering if it is all autoimmune as I was diagnosed with UC in 2011 and been diagnosed with parathyroid disease. I am also like you dizzy most of the time now. The vertigo and dizziness has been terrible and become chronic. I don’t think anyone really knows what causes these illnesses but Doctors and Specialists never seem to get to the root cause. It is never simple.R.

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Hi Lucy, a big yes from me! I’ve had bad me/cfs for 16 yrs & been dizzy for the last 8yrs. It’s awful. Haven’t worked or studied since 2003. Mine definitely goes hand in hand. I read elsewhere your dizziness this time started from wisdom teeth removal - so did mine! I’ve never heard someone also mention that. I’m sorry you have it also, it’s not nice to deal with x

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Sorry for you too oak17. It’s an awful thing

How interesting that you got MAV after a wisdom tooth removal too! Did it start immediately after you woke up? Did your tooth grow at a wonky angle ?
The consultant I saw about my MAV thinks the tooth removal was the extra bit of strain on my body that made the MAV become symptomatic.
Gosh 8 years dizzy, what an ordeal… are you on any medication?

Hi. Fedup. There must be something going on with all this. They called mine ‘post viral’.I don’t believe ‘ME’ exists, they just don’t know what it is!R.

I think it started 5 days later. It began as bouts for 4-5 months & would go but since 2010 it’s stayed. I don’t tolerate many meds at all. So am on amitrtptaline 15mg, propranolol 30mg & I get Botox every 3-4 months. My wisdoms were all impacted & needed removing under GA. My vestibular rehab spec thinks the neck was affected & could explain some of it too

I can assure you ME is very real. I’ve had it 16 years & am housebound. Just like MS, or Chrons, it is a medical condition which is life altering. It is a legit illness that I’ve battled for almost half my life.

Hi Fedup. I am not doubting the symptoms,crikey I have had ‘post-viral syndrome’ for over 15 years. All I am saying is that I don’t trust the diagnosis!There must be something causing it. I have had migraines for most of my life, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 8 years ago and awaiting surgery for parathyroid disease. There must be a root cause. Hope you feel better soon.R.

Interesting about the neck.
Really sorry to hear it started the same way for you. I thought it would just be a routine operation… I became dizzy 2-3 days after the op. It went away for a week the first month, then came back and has stayed pretty much the same since.

Post Viral Syndrome is different from ME though. I trust the diagnosis as ME is very real and I live it everyday. Good luck with your health

It’s unreal isn’t it. I’m sorry yours came back, it’s disappointing

Hi. I do hope that you get some from relief. My neurologist said its the same thing. I am in the UK and we seem to know so little still about the condition. I made my GP test me for Lyme disease but it came back negative but the test is unreliable,so they say. You have to trust someone. I hope they have tested you for everything. It is so tough.Its horried feeling terrible all the time. You probably have got something going on with your neck, I have some worn discs in my neck and that alone makes me feel dizzy.R.

Guess this shows a predisposition to some balance issue I assume. I‘ve always reacted badly to GA. Felt really queer and violently sick for days and ended up being kept in hospital instead of going home same day as was planned. Guess, like motion sickness, it shows some tendency to weakness in the balance system. Then the GA just pushed it over the edge. Helen