Cleveland coming

Well, as many here know, I’m traveling to Cleveland Clinic next week. Leaving Tuesday, appointment is noon Wednesday. Don’t know if the doctor will order any tests, especially since I’ve had most all of them, though I may ask if he’d be willing to re-test some of them. I’m curious to see whether any of the results are different at all – most tests I had done in 2010.

I’m hopeful that this will be a straightforward visit and be the “confirmation” (2nd opinion) of MAV that my folks seem to have been so hellbent on having for so long. I think they’re not sure what to think of Hain since none of “his” medicines worked. I don’t think Colleen is active on here any longer (she saw the same doctor I’ll be seeing) but I hope he has some treatment ideas. My one complaint with Hain is that he seems to rely pretty heavily on what he’s READ about migraine drugs and isn’t quite as open-minded about the others.

All in all, I’m still trying to work on a summary / write-up describing myself and my “MAV adventure” for Dr. Cherian. Part of the difficulty is coming up with nouns and adjectives to describe the dizziness / rocking / etc sensations. I think many here would agree that a lot of the migraine dizziness can be very hard to actually describe (there aren’t really a lot of good words for what the experience of it “feels like”).

I might post more in the days to come or even while I’m in Cleveland … we’ll see.

Here’s hoping that this might be the beginning of some progress at long last. Never mind that my nerves are shot to hell.

Easy to say, but don’t worry. Look at it at as a challenge to be conquered!! Look forward to hearing the good news.


I know there’s a lot riding on this on so many levels, so hope it goes well George. Be sure to let us know.


I’ve been quite anxious about this trip/visit ever since I got the appointment – maybe even before then, when everyone at home was pushing me to go SOMEWHERE (either Mayo or a similarly high-rated / well-known place).

Would I be reasonable to assume that the marked increase in dizzy-like symptoms in recent weeks can be blamed on the extra anxiety?

I think partly I’m having a very hard time getting optimistic because it seems like, if the last dozen doctors so far (many of whom were admittedly clueless) haven’t been able to help, why should ‘Doctor #13’ be the one who can help?


P.S. Do we have any articles/papers/etc here that make clear the point (not just anecdotally) the fact that MAV drug trials can be very hit-or-miss (may take many attempts to find a successful med for a given person?