Clicking in Ear when Walking

Over the past week I have developed a clicking sound in my right ear. My right ear is the one that always feels full/pressure. The click kinda sounds like 2 metal balls hitting each other like on a swinging pendulum.

It is only happening when I am out for my walk and there is no pattern to it it just does it when it wants to. Since it is winter here my ears are fully protected by ear muffs.

I am wondering if this happens to anyone else or if anyone knows why this is happening.


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Doesn’t happen to me. When I first saw this I was thinking it sounded like SCD or TMJ so I had to read your post. From what you describe, it almost sounds like TMJ, except that it happens while you walk. I’ll bet the sound goes away with those ear muffs off, or that you can hear it at other times with the earmuffs on, or earplugs. You can hear A LOT more internal noises when you shut out the outside sounds.

I get clicking in my worse ear. It sounds like a ticking watch. Not so much nowadays, I used to get it a lot more. Used to get mine mostly when I laid down to go to sleep.


Sounds a lot like TMJ Caroline, have you been checked out by a dentist?


Thanks for your input everybody. I will run TMJ by my dentist next time I am in.

He knows I have this issue and has never been worried about TMJ but I will discuss it.

I get clicking in my ears too, especially when I am walking or running. I also sometimes get crackling in my ears. But I’ve been assured by Ear Nose and Throat doctor that there is nothing wrong with my ears.
Sorry to be dumb, but what is TMJ?

I occasionally experience almost painful clicking in my left ear. It is not TMJ in my case, which I do have, but this clicking doesn’t coincide with jaw movements. Sometimes the clicking of my computer mouse will cause an amplified, painful, clicking in my ear. This is more of a hyperacusis thing. I also experience loud heartbeat sounds in both ears, especially when active and when I put my earplugs in at bedtime.

Oh, and TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. TMJ is often used as an acronymn for TMJ Disorder, which is an often painful disfunction of this jaw joint.

I have some strange noises in my ear which sound somewhat similar to what you’re experiencing. I can also hear my tinnitus worsen when my feet hit the ground, as when I walk quickly or run. So odd. And I do have issues with grinding and clenching my teeth at night, as well. Seems like a lot of us do.

I have the exact thing. Starts and stops, sometimes with a pattern, sometimes with a broken pattern.
Only when walking or going up s]\or down stairs, seems to be in sync with my step, louder when I land on the right foot then the left. Went to 2 dr’s one pulled a long hair out of the right ear, the other said get used to it, there is nothing wrong with your ear or hearing.

I don’t get clicking but I have had periods of being able to feel my footstep echoing through my ear/body. This I think proves hypersensivity to sound/vibration. Just another MAV hypersensitivity. I always equate it to the echoing of sounds in acute MAV episode when one door closing echoes through you to feel like six. Helen

I get clicking, and it doesn’t correlate to walking, happens intermittently and sometimes in ‘spasms’.

My SO does too. Just like you and he’s no MAVer. Neither does he get any ear trouble but he’s slowly going deaf because of years of using noisy equipment, not illness. Helen

I have a suspicion its a spasm of a muscle in the middle ear.

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Very weird. I thought I was going mad today. I’ve never experienced it before. It’s only this week that I decided to do a bit of regular walking on my lunch breaks and I have been wearing my noise cancelling bose QC35 headphones and I thought they were broke lol. The clicking sound was definitely in sync with my steps and I could only heard it when i had the headphones on (which makes me feel like I’m breathing louder too).

I don’t know the exact cause but the inner part of my nose was a little less dry than normal due to me having walked and the air being chilly today.

Now I’m inside and my body is chilled out the clicking has gone.

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Hey maybe it’s your sinuses? Just a thought. When I was a kid, the top of my head would click a lot when I’d walk or jump around during the summer. and as an adult I concluded that I bet it was inflamed sinuses due to seasonal allergies.