Clindamycin -- making me a little dizzier. Anyone else?

Hi everyone,

I developed bursitis on my elbow that grew inflamed, red, and hot, the size of a golf ball sticking off my elbow. I have no idea how I got it, but I think it has to do with taking Crestor the past 5 months. They say it may have been from working out. The elbow was so hot they assumed it was infected.

Anyway, they prescribed 300mg of Clindamycin, 3 times a day (900 mg total). They want me to take it 10 days. I have taken it for a day and about to start second day.

I feel really out of it, kind of dizzy and foggy. I usually tolerate all kinds of antibiotics and I have no allergies. I am wondering if it is MAV related.

Has anyone taken Clindamycin and how did it affect you?


Hi Doug-
Sorry to hear about the elbow…sounds nasty. I don’t remember dizziness or fogginess as a side effect from that med. Could the infection itself have your system screwy? I’m not sure what part of the world you live in…but today in Ohio and in a lot of the eastern/mid-western/southern states it has been weather from hell as far as barometric pressure. I’ve been dizzy and yucky today with it.

Hope you are feeling better with the elbow and the head ASAP.

I have taken antibiotics a handful of times with this. Sometimes I’m fine, other times it’s made me dizzier. I’ve never taken clindamycin. It sounds like that’s quite a whopper dose they have you on which might explain things. I think antibiotics can sometimes make people without MAV feel a bit ill.

I guess if your symptoms don’t get out of hand, then it’s probably worth sticking it out as you don’t want to mess with an infection. That said I did once have a terrible reaction to an antibiotic that caused full blown, utterly awful, flu like symptoms which kept me in bed. I thought I had the flu and only realised afterwards it was the drugs. Guess, despite being fine with all other antibiotics that one threw me. So if you start to feel really dreadful it might be worth asking if there’s another antibiotic you can try.


Hi Doug,

I have tried many antibiotics over the years and had bad reactions with many.There was one where literally the first tablet had me throwing up in the sink 15 minutes after taking it. I know that different antibiotics hit different areas of the body, but I generally if I can, stick to Amoxillin as its the only one I tolerate without too bad side effects, and then I dont do the 500mg x 3 a day dose, I pour the capsules into vegecaps and do half the dose as thats what they used to give people. I am on a course at the moment and as usual, got to day 6 and the intense sleepiness is setting in (oh and I have noticed, this time, depression on it) this is something new that is often happening with tablets (checked it out on the net and others get it). I got depression with omiprazole (to settle the stomach! (thought I was imagining it till I saw it listed as side effects). My advice, if the side effects get too much, reduce the dose and take them a bit longer instead.


You’ll need to take the full course of antibiotics, or switch to another one sugeested by your MD. I think antibiotics in general cause side effects. I don’t like taking them as they bother my stomach and make me feel sick. When I have had to take them in the past, I have sucked up my symptoms and just dealt with them. It could be the combo of MAV and antibiotic, but who knows. Hoepfully things will just go back to the way they have been!

I haven’t taken clindamycin, but a couple other for two bladder infections and both times I felt increased dizziness and an overall feeling of “ick” while I was on them. They definitely made me feel off while I was on them, like I had a low grade flu or something, and the dizziness was constantly there while it hadn’t been prior to the antibiotics.

hi Longshort,

A couple of months ago, I got a sinus infection. I specifically told the doc about the possible mav, and said I dont want anything that will increase my dizziness or cause a headache. I have taken antibiotics in the past and have been ok. He RX me Amoxicillan because he said this is the easiest one to tolerate, and a Z-pack. He said most all other’s can and most likely make me sick/dizzy. So you probably got the one that does.
Ask if you can switch to amoxicillan.