Cochlear implant

I just returned from the audiologist where I was evaluated for a cochlear implant to address my single sided deafness. After the tests, she informed me that I do qualify.

She then presented two options as far as devices. They implant the Cochlear Inc device and the Med-El device. Each device has advantages and dis advantages when compared to each other. My task now is to select one.

I’ve had a hearing loss on my left side for 26 years. I also have a 100% speech comprehension loss on that side. When someone speaks softly in that ear, I cannot understand them. Additionally, when each ear hears a spoken word, my brain has to decide how much information from the left side should be trusted. As a result, I get a lot of words wrong. I sometimes think I would be better off if the doctor severed the auditory nerve.

At any rate, wish me good luck making the right selection. The “brochures” are intimidating. See below for what they call a brochure.


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Goodness me, Eric, that’s quite invasive, but I understand it can help, hope it works for you. As always with these things get more than one opinion, preferably at least 3 professional opinions in total, imho.

Do you know if cochlear implant surgery can make vestibular problems worse? What has your specialist said on this given you already have MAV/VM symptoms?

I wish you the best with your decision making and outcome.

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It’s possible that it could flare it up for a while. They are threading an electrode into the cochlea, which is next door to the vestibular system. But, if it will help me hear I’m willing to do it. I have an appointment with the surgeon and I’ll bring it up with him.


Bit of light bedtime reading there and you could always use it as a doorstop once you have finished. Have you checked out ‘cochlear implant’ on here. Makes bit of interesting reading. Be great if your hearing can be restored. So much better for comprehension and greatly reduced chances of developing dementia long-term or so I read. Benefits worth exploring. More than likely to affect the VM short term I’d imagine. Lots to think about. Sure you will work it out.

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Hi Eric, I suffer from vestibular migraine and have had a cochlear implant for 9 years. At the time, I was told it may even help my symptoms. While having a cochlear implant hasn’t helped, it certainly hasn’t made my symptoms worse. I heavily rely on my implant and am very grateful for it. I wish you luck!


Thank you for the encouragement. I’m very concerned that at my age (69) and the number of years (25) that ear has not worked are both working against me.

Do you have tinnitus and if so, did the implant reduce the amount?

Completed step one today. I had a CT Scan of the left ear and mastoid bone. Conclusions were that it is normal in structure. But still no determination as to whether I have a brain.