Coenzyme Q10 good for Migraine


Has Anyone tried Coenzyme Q10 for migraine? I heard it helps…


Dr. Hain of Chicago Dizziness and Hearing says:
[per the Web site]

This vitamin (100 mg three times/day) was compared in a randomized double-blind trial and found to be well tolerated for reducing attack frequency, headache-days, and days with nausea. (Standor et al, 2005). The effect was strongest for attack frequency and nausea days. Placebo

The boldfaced word (his emphasis, not mine) is his summing-up of its effect.

Hi Emma,

Definitely seems to have an effect and worth a shot. I was not able to handle it very well but would like to revisit it at a lower dose.

You’ll notice on the graph how those on CoQ10 saw a reduction in migraine frequency.

Scott 8)

Can someone try to explain to me what Hain was thinking when he wrote that?
“Yap yap, this works great in double blind studies. Summary: PLACEBO”. WTF? :?

It looks to me that he marked it this way to indicate that it was a placebo-controlled trial. S

No, I don’t think so. See: … raine.html
Most treatments end with conclusions such as “placebo”, “we don’t find it effective”, “not sure” etc.