Coenzyme Q10


I’ve been reading articles recently about trials of Coenzyme Q10 for migraine. Seems like there have been some encouraging results. I decided to take it myself and I’ve not had any really bad headaches for about a month. Dizziness continues though. Anyone else tried this or know anything more about it?


I take it at 150mg/day. Some people use 300mg/day. It takes a few months to work, if it is going to help.
Other migraine supplements are magnesium at around 500mg/day, riboflavin at 400mg/day (although our bodies only absorb about 25 mg a dose) and fish oil at 1 gm/day.
The herbs that seem to help are butterbur (never tried it) and feverfew has never been proven to work.
There are some supplements that package these in a bundle, but I take separate pills.
I take the CoQ10, magnesium, riboflavin and fish oil. I think it has helped.

Hi Kira

thanks for your reply. Recently I stopped taking it because I ran out and I don’t think I’m feeling quite so great so I must get some more. It’s also supposed to help with energy levels I believe which I also really need help with so I reckon it’s worth taking it for that alone. I may not have taken a high enough dose - I was only taking 60mg a day & I read you need to take it with a fatty meal for better absorption!


Hi Kira and Christina,

I saw your posts and wanted to let you know about a product that was recommended to me when I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. It’s called Migravent:

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It has:

Butterburr (a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce spasms in cerebral blood vessels and inhibit the production of leukotriens, compounds that trigger inflammation of blood vessels.

Riboflavin (B2) and Magnesium which are migraine prophylactics

and CoQ10, which have all been found to be helpful in treating migraine naturally. Hope it helps!


Cheers Lisa. Will have a look at that.


Christina: Has this worked out for you? Have you experienced some real benefits from this?


I’ve only tried treating it with COQ10 but I think it did improve the headache side of things but I’m not sure about the vertigo attacks yet. I ran out and have only just got some more but I’m going to take a higher dose - I thought 90mg to start and see how I go on. It’s hard to say whether I’m just in a slightly better phase as far as headaches are concerned & whether the CoQ10 has anything to do with that I’m not absolutely sure - but I’ll keep you posted.