When “they” say to give up coffee, does that include decaf???
Oh please, please, please, say “NO”
When my neurologist told me to give up coffee, my response was, he was only saying that b/c he had not met my coffee machine!
I will truly miss my yummy caffinated coffee but I might go crazy if I can’t at least have decaf! :mrgreen:

I cannot have either normal or decaf coffee. There are other things in coffee that trigger migraine unfortunately. You can only test it out and see how you go.

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I cannot have either normal or decaf coffee. There are other things in coffee that trigger migraine unfortunately. You can only test it out and see how you go.

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Me either tried the decaf and that did not work either. I decided if it makes me feel that bad it is not worth trying it again. :mrgreen:

I used to drink cold coffee drinks every day…now I do not even miss them since I am feeling so much better.

9kidsus…i am at a point where i can allow myself to have a half cup of Folgers each day (half & half)…meaning half the caffeine. Years ago before this condition i use to drink about 4 cups of coffee per day (regular strength)…but my MAV cannot tolerate it. So like i said…folgers half and half or Decaf…with the decaf i probably could drink a bit more. I guess it just depends on the person. Give it a try…go slowly…experiment.


I really miss “real” coffee, too. Used to drink double-strength coffee by the potful before all this broke lose. I’d love the warmth, the taste, the rush - everything about coffee.

Have figured out I can drink a couple mugs of decaf daily for 3-4 days in a row, then I need to stop for a few days. It’s nothing like the espresso I used to suck down, but at least it’s something. Frankly, the “Heal your Headache” book didn’t do much for me; however, it did point out the ‘build-up’ effect … how you might get away with eating a trigger food one day, but if you try it two days in a row, you’ll exceed your ‘threshold’. I’ve found that to be true.

Something else I’ve found - the flavored coffee creamer I used to use is a trigger, not just the coffee. Mix the two & I get a double whammy. If I drink the decaf black, I can tolerate it more often. That’s not to say I don’t splurge on a decaf-something-special at the mall once in a while.

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Frankly, the “Heal your Headache” book didn’t do much for me

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What do you do to manage you migraines if the tips in the book did not help you???

I’m not really managing my migraines. My migraines are managing me! :mrgreen:

I’ve tried to avoid triggers but some times my will power weakens. Sometimes I eat ‘correctly’ all week long & still have problems. I’m always dizzy … not disabled by it, just can’t walk down a hallway without veering to one side or the other. Thankfully haven’t had any bad vertigo since last fall. The headaches are weekly … sometimes they let up a bit & I hardly notice them but other times it’s pretty hard to function.

What I got from the book was that I could be ‘better’ if I control my diet. I understand the ‘threshold’ idea & accept it as being pretty accurate … but I was coming to that conclusion before I read the book.

Some people can control this with diet, exercise, etc. - no meds. I guess I’m not one of those people. And there seem to be so many things outside my control that trigger headaches, etc. They’re doing some painting here at work & I think the fumes are getting to me … or maybe it’s the barometric pressure … or the tea I’m drinking … or the fact that I’m wearing pink! Who knows … there are so many factors to consider. It’s all very frustrating sometimes.

What do you take for the pain???

I’ve taken 2 Pamprin in the past & that usually puts me to sleep … not sure if it actually helps the pain or just causes me to sleep through it. Sunday I had a really bad headache & went to bed right after church. Hadn’t planned on sleeping because I can never fall asleep during the day, but I ended up sleeping all afternoon until my dtr woke me to see if we were going to evening church.

I guess that’s why I get so frustrated … I don’t have anything that really helps yet so when I get a headache or get **really **dizzy, there seems to be nothing I can do about it.