Colds and symptoms

It’s that time of year, where we will be tested with winter viruses in the form of colds, chest infections and sore throats.

Do they bring on additional symptoms?

Do your symptoms increase when you have a cold?
  • Every time
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

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For those that do get additional symptoms:

How long after a cold does it take you to return to baseline?
  • Days
  • A Couple of Weeks
  • Several Weeks
  • Months

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I believe several of us will be hit this winter and the combined answers should help with any anxiety at the time.


I would LOVE to have a scientific explanation as to why things get worse for me around this time of year. I can’t put it down to colds/ viruses.

It feels to be something to do with the light as my vision struggles, everything seems darker and I really don’t like the transition from day to night, so currently 4-7pm - hard to explain but I feel quite panicky. And my aversion to artificial light increases significantly.

Maybe the temperature/season drop here in the UK could play a role?

Dr S has said it was due to colds and the stress of Xmas?!

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@Lexi I’ve edited your Topic to add structured polls.

This has been the craziest year for getting sick, worse than any other year of my life. I had 6 colds in a row and then finished it off recently with COVID (7 total!). I don’t get it, is this rebound from COVID lockdowns? My 1 year old is bringing crap from daycare? Both, lol? My vitamin D levels are higher than they’ve ever been in my life and I’m in great physical shape. Thankfully, none of these sicknesses have caused increased MAV symptoms, other than a couple extra migraines. Hoping by this winter my immune system has seen everything already and I don’t get as sick. Good luck to everyone!

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I had a cold, and a virus on two seperate occasions in the years i’ve had VM and both times my VM severity increased really badly (i waa vomiting from dizziness). Last month I got covid but it had no affect on my VM at all, which i am really grateful for but totally surprised.

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Yeah COVID didn’t affect my MAV at all

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