Colonoscopy prep and super dizzy

day before colonoscopy and of course dizzy as heck - starving too. this is gonna be rough. i’m allowed to take meds today just not tomorrow morning. i’m needing more and more valium right now - pollen season has struck. it’s almost 70 degrees here a week or so ago it was below 0. i started getting real dizzy at work yesterday this is how Spring goes every year.

wish me luck please. i’m very depressed and crying right now because i’m so dizzy.


the other issue is broth - can’t find one without some kind of MSG in it that is totally clear so i guess it’ll be jello and water and gatorade today

Lots of luck Chris. Hope its early in the morning. Try to go to bed early tonight.

Just think, this time tomorrow, it will be over with.

I have had a nasty dizzy headed day, feeling sick with it. Own doing, spent way too many hours looking up something on the computer yesterday, just a write off of a day, very depressing.

Try not to cry as you will only make yourself worse. Relax in front of a good film on TV or something to take your mind off everything as much as you can.

I remember being really bad night before an op, I took stemetil (dont know if you have any of that).

Thinking of you.


well i have to work today so until 330 i have to deal with whatever comes and i’m gonna have my “dinner” - jello i guess and drink all that stuff earlyso i can get cleaned out early - i don’t want to be up all night.

i’m sorry you are suffering too. I’m on computer all day every day.


Oh, Chris… I’m sorry. That stinks to feel dizzy before that kind of procedure (no one’s favorite). I’ll say a little prayer for you! It’ll be all over before you know it… just getting through today and tomorrow morning will probably require your valium and some mental discipline. I try to stay very very still if possible when I’m really dizzy… Maybe when you get home you can lie down, or watch a dumb Lifetime Movie, American Idol, something brainless to take your mind off of it. It will pass, and you will be so relieved to get today and tomorrow behind you. Hang in there… but then, you always do!

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Thanks Gail appreciate the support - if i could just quit crying!!! i’m being a wuss i know - i have gotta stop it i’m just so scared - i get this way this time of year and it goes on for many many moonths because i’m allergic to everything. meds don’t work so i have to learn to deal. at least i can take valium today but not tomorrow. can’t wait for it to be over with that’s for sure. it’ll all be behind me then LOL


Chris - have you ever tried lorazepam/Ativan @ bedtime? It’s from the same family as valium, it’s prescribed for anxiety or sleep, you can take itty bitty amounts of the stuff, and you might find that carries over into your daytime hours plus curbs some of the dizziness.
Refresh my memory: what do you take for allergies? Regardless of what the muckymuck neuro specialists say, I’ve found that allergy meds help my dizziness during heavy allergy season… if you have airborne allergies then all the Topamax or Celexa in the world won’t stop them as I am personally experiencing. We should do some allergy conferencing offline…
Gail : )

thanks gail valium seems to work the best of the benzos for me and it does carry some into next day i think it has a pretty long half life. ativan didnt seem to work as well prob klonopin is best but it made me feel awful.

i take allergy meds and nothing works for the dizziness - thats the problem. yeah we can talk offline for sure. i don’t want to tak antidepressants anyway after the trial of celexa. my issue has always been airborne stuff and i can’t control it - i have some steroids if i get really bad - my neuro actually said he uses high dose steroids for some MaVers believe it or not


Yeah, I’d believe the steroid prescription. When I had bronchitis at Thanksgiving, my allergist was alarmed about the rampant dizziness and widespread infection so I ended up with antibiotics, corticoid steroid inhaler and a broncodilater and a number of pediatric antihistamines to try. Severe cases require low dose prednisone. Ironically, BOTH inhalers helped my dizziness so I plan on discussing that with her when I go back next week. I don’t have asthma but I seem to do well with daily sudafed use along with the topamax and occasional broncodilator. I really think the connection of migraine/sinus/vestibular passages and nerves is a bit too difficult to sort out. So, my allergist just prefers to treat by using whatever works and doesn’t worry about a label of “allergy, migraine, meniere’s, etc.”. She collaborates with my neuro around all this.

Chris - I think the steroid use is based upon a theory or a reality (?) of inflammation either in the sinuses/vestibular canals pressing on nerves,etc. No one even knows if that’s accurate, and ofcourse no one really wants to use prednisone or other steroids for long. If allergies (whether airborne or food related) aren’t manage,d there will be inflammation and congestion so there is always that component to deal with. Isn’t it fun??
Good luck tonite and tomorrow… you need some relief, Chris.

funny thing is is that last year when i took the prednisone it didn’t really help - i have to take real small doses that’s theh problem im super drug sensitive so i take half of what normal people take that’s always my issue with meds

i’m gonna add in some singulair pretty soon i guess since it’s so warm out


so i guess only way to get broth without some form of MSG in it is to make it from scratch huh?


Hi Chris

I’m sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping everything goes well for you. I know it can seem really tough when you’re feeling really bad and no one seems to be able to give you answers or find a simple medication to help.

Remember we are all here for you whenever you need people to listen.


thanks i’m getting extremely dizzy now so i took some more valium - OMG this is awful - i don’t know if its the med the pollen or the anxiety whatever it is i’m scared