Color display on an Macbook Air

Hi, I just discovered all the options on my Macbook Air color display. I have kept it on the lowest resolution but there are all these other options. Can anyone give me any info on what to pick? The computer makes me so dizzy that I can no longer work AT ALL on a computer, which has crashed my career. I’m able to do a lot of things now but computer is the last frontier. Thanks for any advice!!!

Suzanne, this may be just a phase you are going through with this condition.

I hate to bore you with Ami, but for me it dampened the eye nystagmus enough so I could continue to use the computer for hours on end. Without Ami, I would feel extremely uncomfortable and could not continue to watch.

My condition has yet again morphed so now I can use the computer without any meds. I’m far from recovered though, but something has stabilised (my guess is my inner ear is no longer leaking so much during the day so brain is less upset).

You may have to take a reign check from computers until you can find something to sort this out, or your condition yet again morphs into its next phase when this no longer bothers you :slight_smile:

Wishing you well,


you can get a flicker-free LED monitor. flickering lights are proven to be migraine and other headache triggers.

the problem with regular screens/monitors is when you turn down the brightness, it actually makes them flicker more (subliminally) - most LED screens “dim” by flickering, not by constant light dimming. so it gets worse when you’re trying to make it better.

on bad days i use migraine glasses (green lens) and flicker-free screen and it’s tolerable.

good luck!

This is so exciting and hopefully helpful!!! I have lost my career because of this darn disease. If flicker-free works, I’d be so much better! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mine helped a lot

I got it via Amazon from a company called BenQ

How strictly are you following the diet? I used to be really sceptical and it may not help for all stages of the condition, but recently I’ve found avoidance of coffee, chocolate and milk has been really helpful.

As soon as you are having eye trouble I’m pretty sure this is indicative of over pressure in one of your ears. The diet helps alleviate the pressure it seems.

As a test close your eyes and if you feel uncomfortable sensations it’s probably ear pressure.

Are these type of glasses the same as a blue blocking eyeglass? I have those–the GammaRay type. Just curious. Maybe I will try wearing mine more often. I have used the computer more since the first day my vestibular symptoms started… so maybe that is why they have lasted 3 years.