Combination of preventive meds?

Have any of you had success with using more than one preventive med? I’m on amitriptyline, and wondering if adding another preventive could help me even more.

Are any of you by any chance using amitriptyline (or nortriptyline) in combination with another preventive? How is it working out?


Hows the ami working for you at the mo? and at what dosage?

I’m on 30 mg and have been for about two years. I think it’s helping, but not enough… And lately I’ve been feeling a bit worse, so looking for something to give me some more relief.

I’m on 100mg of amitriptyline and this has done wonders for me. We kept increasing the dose until the increase no loner produced results. Maybe talk to your doc about bumping up this med?
I’m also taking 50mg of topamax and 180mg of verapimil. I’m not sure that the second two are really doing anything, but I tried eliminating them and my symptoms were MUCH worse. Not sure if that is because they were indeed helping, or b/c my body is just used to having them.

I was on Ami for about 6 weeks and it made me dizzier. I then started Cymbalta (very similar drug as Effexor, but I had a hard time with FEx). I got up to 60mg of Cymbalta without much problem at all. THe Ami was supposed to help me with sleep, but it didn’t really do too much and I was having to resort to sleeping pills in addition. So I quit the Ami and just stuck with Cymbalta. I still had some issues…mostly break through anxiety, and sleeplessness. I recently started taking
BuSpar, and it is helping with the anxiety. I haven’t needed a benzo in almost 2 weeks. It helped instantly with the anxiety. Only problem? It made my dizziness worse…not terrible, but worse than it was. However, I started going up on BuSpar last night nad today was a bit better. My doc says to give it time. It’s only been about 2 weeks at a really low dose of 2.5mg twice daily. The recommended dose is 10mg 3x a day.


Happy to hear the meds are working for you. How long have you been on the ami?
When I first started taking it, we increased the dosage to 50 mg, but didn’t see much difference from 30 to 50 (only made me more sleepy), so went back to 30 and have stayed on that dosage since. I have been thinking about increasing the dosage of ami again to see if that might help (maybe I’m getting so used to the ami that I need more?)… How long time did it take you to reach 100 mg?

Did you start taking verapamil and topamax before the ami? I once tried topamax for some months, but didn’t help at all, and had some bad side effects, so don’t want to go there again. I haven’t tried verapamil, so happy to see that it can be combined with ami - then maybe I can try it. My GP is referring me to a neurologist again, so I will see what he says.