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Coming off Amitriptyline

Hi all,

I’ve been slowly getting off all 4 drugs that I started when the vertigo was it its worst. I’m now down to just .125mg klonopin (1/4 tab) and 10mg Amitriptyline. (Plus some trazadone for sleeping which I have always taken.) Has anyone successfully come off the Ami? How long does it take to notice any negative consequences? The klonopin withdrawal is immediate but I’m not sure how the Ami works. I was only on 15mg but I want to be super careful. Thanks for any insights or advice!

Super easy. No issues. That’s a minuscule dose of Ami.

Usual rule of thumb is just to down by 10mg a month.

I’ve gone up and down by 10mg in two days before with no ill effects.

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I tried to come off 10mg amitriptyline about a year ago and really struggled, my symptoms worsened very quickly. I was back on it within a couple of months and have been taking it ever since. I’d really like to be medication free but it seems to be keeping me stable enough (along with some diet changes and supplements) so I think I’m stuck with it for a while yet. Which is fine! I’d be interested to hear how you get on as am keen to try again at some point. I suspect I wasn’t stable enough when I tried before as I had the same experience when I weaned off Betahistine. First time was awful and I ended up back on them, second time 6 months later was absolutely fine. The fact that you’ve managed to reduce other meds is a real positive!

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I’m staying on 10 for a while. I’m definitely feeling a bit more “off” than usual, but to me it seems worth it if I can get my weight back in line. The weight is having consequences (hypertension) that adds to other issues. But off the klonopin is nice. I have A LOT more feelings (good and bad) which is a plus. No one really understands my “microdoses.” They are the same to me as other people’s “standard doses.”

My point was if you are having difficulty coming off of 10mg of Amitriptyline it’s unlikely to be the Amitriptyline and more likely the MAV itself. Perhaps you simply aren’t well enough yet?

When I came off I knew I was getting better and just braved the last of the symptoms, med free. The gamble paid off.


Well I’m feeling rather dizzy tonight after too much TV. But I wonder if it’s also a little less Ami.

Can one really be affected by 5mg less of Amitriptyline??? And if so, I still want to know if it’s tight away or takes 3 weeks to be effective (or withdrawal)? Anyone know?

Of course you could. People accustomed to it can react to an increase of 5mg so why not? A sensitive digestive/vestibular system maybe or even just some psychological affect.

Timescale? Not a clue. Guess anything from a few hours on?

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Yep, I’ve successfully come off Paxil and Amitriptyline (tapered both). Amitriptyline was easy for me compared to Paxil. I think most people will have an easier time with Ami as compared to SSRIs (but not all). I suggest tapering by taking your 10mg every 3 out of 4 days for a month, then every other day for a month, then 1 out of 4 days, etc… The point is to taper very slow if you can afford the long taper. This is how I went off Amitriptyline and Paxil successfully.