Communication alerts for family/friends?

I’m pretty fortunate to have supportive friends and family, and even a supportive workplace. I’m at an event this weekend with my husband and son, and am surprised by a fairly intense VM episode which is making it difficult for me to be in crowds. The wall of sound is intolerable. I brought ear plugs along for the big event tonight, so I should be okay. I’ve also decided I’m just not going to be pissed off about this, and have definitely figured out that being out in nature, or just outside, walking around is definitely a balm for the brain.

But I was thinking that maybe I could develop an alert system similar to what they have for asthma. Maybe a blue, green, yellow, red system to indicate severity. Blue and green days I’m pretty high functioning, yellow makes things difficult and my cognitive functions in particular drop precipitously, and red days are just about impossible to deal with. I don’t have too many red days right now between supplements, duloxetine, and a light workload. But when fall starts, that won’t be the case and I’m wondering what will happen.

But mostly I’m just curious if anyone else has developed a communication system that helps the people around them understand how they’re functioning any particular day?