Complex/hemiplegic migraine-serotonin synd & Topamax

I was on Topamax for 3 weeks for VM…been dizzy since December. As soon as I started Topamax I had 3 days of horrible migraine headaches. Topamax was awful for me…increased dizziness something fierce never relenting, cried constantly, felt like I was constantly being run over by a truck, daily headaches, and the tingling which… Long story short…the tingling centered in my right hand/arm, eventually my rt arm and rt leg went numb asleep and I couldn’t function on that side properly. I had an “event” about 45 mins after taking my last dose of Topamax (on Sunday) where I couldn’t speak (like word finding x100) for a few mins and full body twitch. My neuro was out of town and had no back up coverage per his office staff. I saw my primary and stopped the topamax. I had had my physical and mental max of this on Tuesday evening and went to the ER and the ER doc expedited me into a new neuro group and I saw the new neuro on Wed. He did a very thorough exam and believes this is all a complex migraine situation. Going off Topamax sent me into horrible headaches just like when I started it. I also have a mild seratonin syndrome (I’m twitching all over which started a couple of days after starting zoloft) b/c I took zoloft 3 weeks in Feb, stopping the first week in March and had taken Imitrex some duirng that time. I was told it was OK to take imitrex as needed after stopping zoloft so I took it on March 8 and on Monday. New neuro said no more imitrex for now due to serotonin syndrome. I am getting an MRI of my cspine on Tuesday. New neuro put me on Propanolol 20mg twice a day. I am no longer dizzy all the time except for about 30 mins or so right after my meds absorb a bit and an occasional here and there during the day. That is a blessing!!! My rt side still is heavy, achy, and that waxes and wanes (never fully going away). Does anyone know if that is typical of a complex (possibly hemiplegic) migraine? And how long I would expect this to last? I completely believe that Topamax worsened my migraine situation and took me all the way to this. I honestly think that if someone told me I MUST continue Topamax that that drug would have killed me eventually. Of course, no one can make me take anything so I am off and will never do that again. I am blown away by the people who have to take huge doses of that and have no side effects. We are NOT made out of the same mold! LOL!