Complex Seizures vs. positional vertigo from MAV

2 neurologists and 1 ENT diagnosed me with vestibular migraine but the third wants to rule out complex partial seizures.

This last one really has me worried. Would i know if I was having seizures
? They wouldn’t be constantly, right? The dizziness of seizures doesn’t last all the time does it?

Sometimes I do feel a wave of dizziness go through the back of my head, but only when typing at the computer or turning my head.

I found this page:

You might read through it to see whether your symptoms sound like what they describe (my guess is that they don’t).

Since vestibular migraine is diagnosed by elimination (ruling out other diagnoses), it sounds like the doctor is just doing his due diligence.

Thank you for sending me this link. I read through it. My main symptom is dizzy spells which last 1-3 seconds. They happen when I turn my head left or right, up or down. They are not always there.

My whole ordeal started off with BPPV, and I did have the true spinning while doing the Dix-Hallpike. But now, there are no more crystals since they can’t see any nystagmus even with the goggles. So, it’s just positional vertigo.

But in between those dizzy spells, I usually feel off balance. It’s worse in stores like malls and grocery stores. My vision has also changed to where I am extremely light sensitive and see lines/zigzags but constantly.

Last night, I had an episode where I was dizzy and then had a large amount of anxiety about it. I did have a migraine that morning, though. I get Sweaty palms, weak legs, etc. But it’s more of an “anxietyish” feeling. I also feel a lot of anxiety as an aura symptom as well.

Your description sounds similar to others here and in some of the Facebook groups who have been diagnosed with vestibular migraine. It’s so frustrating because there are a LOT of people in those groups and, just like here, it seems that no two people have exactly the same symptoms. And the treatments are all over the place - there seem to be at least a dozen different drugs that are used, and then various combinations of those drugs.

Other medical conditions are so easily treated - if you have high blood pressure, you can pretty much always lower it with exercise, diet, and proven medications. That doesn’t seem to be the case for any of the balance disorders.

No it doesn’t. I had a similar experience 7 years ago where I woke up to an internal pendulum sensation. It was very strong. It was like a pain-free headache. I was also very dizzy. It went away in 2 weeks with rest/sleep.

This time, I haven’t had that luxury because I have 2 young children and a demanding job. It’s been going on 7 months now.

I have MAV and was diagnosed with seizures too. I was shocked (no pun intended). I never felt ant symptoms of lost consciousness or anything. I did have vertigo and dizziness, but they don’t believe it was related to the seizures. I was put on Divolproex and they did another EEG and i had no seizures. Still dizzy from time to time but no seizures.

What type of seizures were you diagnosed with? I would assume focal since you didn’t find anything to be abnormal with yourself. Usually, though, someone would notice you doing something like being absent or lip smacking, picking your clothing etc.

When you had the seizures, did you not remember the episode? I always thought there had to be some symptoms. for me, I am dizzy chronically which they doubt would be from seizures.

Sorry for a really late response. I did not notice anything. It is a maddening thing. I am currently in a spell where i am frequently dizzy. That doesn’t mean i don’t have unnoticed seizures, because they did detect them in an EEG. I keep looking for answers and keep going.