Computer screens

Hi all,

I’m wondering how you guys cope with computer screens these days? Today I was given a really nice 20" Apple cinema display to use at work but I only had to look at it for about 10 seconds and it triggered dizziness immediately. I’m surprised because the screen is matte finish and soft on the eyes. But it throws me into a tail spin very fast.

This sort of stuff just p**ses me off so much. Here I could be using a bigger and better screen, making my job easier but no. MAV screws me over yet again. I’m stuck with a 13" laptop screen until I find a med that stops this reaction (if that’s even possible).


I am OK as long as I have everything enlarged on the laptop. Before the laptop it was through a 28 inch TV screen.

Even so, if I am well into something, and spend hours on here I am in big trouble, either the same day or the day after.


So Christine, does it have to do with the size of the screen? This appears to be a major factor for me. The bigger they get, the worse I get hit.

That very brief period today on the new screen triggered dizziness that lasted about 45 minutes all up. Once that passed another shocking headache started not unlike the one I got handed to me after the noisy pub on Sunday. The exact same pattern but a different trigger. So easily set off at the moment. :x

Seems some of us are most definitely not alone. Check out the people here who get dizzy and headachy from computer screens: … folderid=7

Not the size of the screen with me I just enlarge everything whatever the screen size. Went to that link and some were saying the same thing. I also have the screen darkened. The only problem with this, is that sometimes, when you are filling out details at the bottom of the page, eg. to buy something, it isnt all on the screen (very rarely) and you have to go and change the screen size to do it.

BTW Scott, just thinking of your prothiaden (completely unrelated) but it could have been the heavy sleep that caused the headache as I get that with Amytriptiline, seems that when a preventative gives me good solid sleep, I wake with a thick head, same when I take Nytol (otc antihistamine) to sleep, wake with a thick head.


Oddly enough the small computer screens do not bother me at all, the larger ones do so I use a small laptop, nothing over 15 inches or I tire and get symptoms very quickly. TV I tolerate only in very small doses and usually just listen, drives my dear wife nuts. I can watch small moving pictures on the laptop but not steadily. Never thought of this as a trigger just as something to put up with, interesting.

Coincidentaly, actually thinking about this today. I do a weekly on-line supermarket shop (to avoid those fluorescent lights!), and today my laptop’s been so slow I went into our study to complete the shop at my desktop - large monitor - and within 1 minute felt awful. Now I know! That’s not to say laptop’s fine but it’s less awful.

I spend most of my day in front of a 22 inch screen - no major probs to report… :?

Hey Scott…in general Computer Screens do not bother me as long as i’m feeling relatively well. If i’m having a real bad day and then try and surf around the net…that can aggravate my symptoms big time! I don’t have to use a computer for work…only at home for fun or trying to find stuff.


Scott - Have you considered getting a glare cover? I have one on my 22" mac and it helps a lot. It’s just a thin sheet that lays over the screen. Sometimes they call them privacy protectors, because you can’t see what’s on the screen if you’re not looking at it directly front on.

Well, yet more drama with a computer screen. I’m hoping this is simply a short glitch because I’ve had other stuff messing with me over the last 24 hours.

I picked up a new MacBook Air yesterday (4 weeks to deliver). It’s a 13" screen like the one I already use but is slightly higher res and it’s backlit with LEDs unlike this older one I’m on now. The screen is stunning and sharp BUT after just doing some basic set up on it, I’m out of my mind with dizziness ans feeling freaked out. Of course I’m worried I won’t be able to use this thing now but then I’ve had this issue before and I adjusted over a few days. Impossible to think this size screen will be unusable. Using it in the Apple Stores never kicked any troubles off so it must be a heightened sensitivity because of last night.

I tried 5 mg of Phenergan before bed. I felt really good last night and was out with friends at a street Xmas party in the inner city an open bar after that. I snuck in one gin and tonic and the rest was water. Ate plain food.

Kelley - I woke this morning with my heart beating like mad and had a very hard time falling asleep again. I feel weirded out right now. The experience was different than any usual stuff I’m accustomed too. I still think I’ll give it another go but not right now. I have to be in top form this week for a job interview which is already got me a little wound up and dread arriving for something like that feeling like I’m orbiting Pluto. That would be a disaster.


i just got a new monitor at work it was an energy saver and cheap. the resolution was horrible the text was tiny and if i tried to change it it didn’t really help. they told me i could order another one - another brand. i hope it’s better. the black on this last one wasn’t even true black it was like gray and there was like lightness at the bottom and dark at the top.

I want to buy a new laptop for home - mine is tiny. i hope i can find a 17 inch someday that i like. i have to be at the computer all day at work so i definitely need a good one there. at home not so critical but still want a good one.


Scott - i hope you can figure out what to do gosh a macair - that must be real nice - i hope you can get used to it or take it back.

Scott how are you feeling today?

Hey – quite dizzy and disorientated actually and overall just flat. I stayed off the new Mac all weekend but I’m feeling anxious because of a rather important job interview this week and it’s really setting off MAV symptoms. Anxiety, even the smallest amount, is my biggest trigger. It’s almost instant too. I’m trying to stay calm but it’s so difficult. Have you had to go through anything like a job interview with this MAV crap going on? Drives me crazy. :shock:

I had a job interview about 6 months ago on a REALLY bad symptom day - it was a major struggle as I didn’t want to medicate too much (had to drive) PLUS it was partially video-conferenced but it went OK and I got the job. just remember to breathe!

Well done! The video thing just makes it worse no doubt knowing they can check you over again and again. Good on you for pulling that off. It’s bizarre in that last night I slept about 7.5 hours straight yet woke with my heart racing and right now feel like I’ve had no sleep at all. :evil:

Hi Scott,
computer screens use to do me in within minutes, the prothiaden has knocked that on the head , with many of my other symptoms.
it seems the better my sleep patterns become due to the Proth, the better life becomes.
all the best with it.


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Well done! The video thing just makes it worse no doubt knowing they can check you over again and again. l:

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oh gosh that would have been terrible - they weren’t videoing me, they vidconferenced in the HR person from another campus…but that was weird enough

maybe you need to stare at some bikini babes for some “relaxation”? :lol:

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maybe you need to stare at some bikini babes for some “relaxation”? :lol:

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That’s exactly what I did yesterday. The Miss Bondi final was on. Twelve hotties on stage in bikinis. It was a tough afternoon. :lol:

oh Scott i can totally relate to the anxiety thing. Seems like anytime i have to go anywhere i start getting really nervous now.

Are you taking any ADs now or just valium? i’m still on the just valium til i get time to try celexa.

I will prob have a job interview after the holidays for a promotion and it’s with like 6 people panel - i hope i stay calm. I have a feeling i’m going to be pretty nervous.

good luck Scott

hope all of you are well