In this condition you should avoid concerts even if tou feel a bit better?

Hi Kon

I think if you are very symptomatic you should probably avoid concerts. There is so much stimulation at events… loud music, lighting, movement.
I am able to finally enjoy the odd concert these days but with precaution. Earplugs and lenses are an absolute must! I always sit on an end seat incase I need to just get out and I would only go now if my threshold allows. I am going to see Cher in October and im praying im going to have a good enough day to enjoy it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I already lost a concert in an open space this summer which I was waiting for like 5 years+. This concert now is on a close space and I probably lose it… I hope you can enjoy it!!

I think if you are struggling already then it will only exacerbate symptoms and could potentially make you temporarily worse. I do think trigger avoidance does help when symptoms are at their worst. Meds have helped me massively start to enjoy life a bit more for sure. Still, I have to make sacrifices and amendments when necessary.

Just make sure you’re having a good day before opening the flood gates :crossed_fingers:


I’d be afraid to make a list of the events I’ve missed over the last five years to MAV. It would be far too depressing to even contemplate.

And unfortunately the “temporarily” can prove a lot longer than at first imagined. Trigger Avoidance is all an important part of the prevention strategy as I see it. There was a time when 10 minutes in a supermarket would make me ill for a full week. As @MNEK18 says you need to make sure you are having a good day before opening the flood gates. Helen

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And sit center back so your ears are picking up the sound equally. A rescue med taken beforehand helps a lot, as does clean living the week beforehand. Give yourself every chance for success.

I’ve found concerts to be pretty triggering for me. The less symptomatic you are leading up to it the better. I’m to the point where I hold out for the ones I REALLY want to go to and skip the rest which has been hard cause concerts are my thing. I’ve missed so many I’ve wanted to go to and have shed many tears because of it. The good thing is, I’ve been able to go to a number of them despite having this. Yay!!! It’s not all bad. I take it easy the day of the show and take a Xanax before going. It helps if someone else can drive you there if that is a trigger for you. I also skip any pre-concert activities like going out for dinner. I choose venues where I can sit down; although, I’ve been to some where I was up front holding on to the rail for dear life. If I didn’t have that I don’t think I would have made it through. This was when I was less symptomatic of course. I think with MAV it’s good to try to get out and do some of the things you love but don’t get too discouraged if you can’t. As my boyfriend says, “the next show is always the best one.”:wink:


I have been to concerts all through this nightmare and have found them fine. At my worst the hardest part was walking through the crowd outside but once inside the darkness helps. I had a worse time going to the supermarket to be honest, but everyone is different. Not saying it wasnt a challenge and I did miss a couple when I was at my worst

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Enjoying Cher concert!!! It CAN be done with MAV under some control :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Dont lose hope people :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Go girl…BELIEVE!!! Ha ha…

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Nice! How you feeling today?

Hi Kon!

Today I feel great, no issues but a little more tired than usual. Only time I felt a little off was on a windy road on the motorway, it was really not great for MAV but nothing manifested thankfully!

Concert success! :ok_hand::ok_hand::raised_hands: