Concussion, Verapamil, and MAV

I’m a 20 year old female who was diagnosed with MAV in November after having symptoms for 4 years, being diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, and having an unnecessary surgery for Meniere’s last April. I’m a college student and I work and it’s really hard for me to put up with this condition. I was put on Verapamil in November at 120 mgs and Valium @ 2 mgs 3X a day. I began feeling so much better until last Friday when I got a concussion. Ever since then all these God awful symptoms are back; the rocking dizziness, the tunnel vision, the auras, tinnitus, and the migraines are in greater force. I was checked out; doctor says I need to stay home and rest until my symptoms are gone but I am extremely worried about everything coming back; I feel awful and all my symptoms are back after hitting my head. I don’t know how I should cope with this. Most people do not understand what it is like to be 20 and have a vestibular disorder, 20 year olds should not be on bed rest all of the time. I’m wondering if the Verapamil is failing? If that’s even possible. It was working just fine and now it’s not, I skipped a few pills on accident but I hope that the meds start to work again. I guess I’m at a loss for words right now. Has anybody experienced a concussion with an already messed up brain for a better lack of words and how did this affect you? Thanks for any replies. This beast is awful.

I am 21 and started dealing with these symptoms when I was 16. It is definitely hard to live with and at such a young age. I am also in college. How often do you make it to class? I definitely miss a lot of my classes. One of my classes I absolutely have to go to so I barely survive it and my grades are not so good. I would definitely think a concussion could make all of this worse! I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m sure your symptoms will improve. How long ago did you get the concussion? Sorry I am not much help with meds b/c I’ve never tried any. Hang in there!

My symptoms started at 16 too. Well before the concussion I attended class on a regular basis; even if I have a migraine I will take an imitrex and go anyway. If I have dizziness which hasn’t been in five months up until this week I won’t go. My grades are pretty good; I get A’s and B’s and I just try my best. I got the concussion last Friday, I’m student teaching and was running out my door late when I hit my head on the moving garage door. I’m sorry you deal with this too and I can honestly say I know how it feels! I hope you get treatment soon, I know how frusterating it can be feeling helpless. Thank you for your encouragement! :smiley: