Confused Dane


I’m Line, from Denmark. First off all, my english is…, like a Dane’s English.
I’m really glad I found this place. What a lot of info. In Denmark one doctor, yes ONE doctor knows about MAV. But then again, we are a tiny little country.

Well, here is my question. My symptoms started a little over a year ago (I’m 31). Or I did have vertigo episodes before. Six times, but it only lasted 1-4 weeks. This time it just kept going. It has improved, but I’m very disabled. I have the dizzy-thing. It varies a lot. But it says hello every day, and sometimes I get periods off 1-3 weeks and my balance is crazy. I am dizzy, feel nauseated. Just feel really bad.

Like a lot of you here, I have been very sad and I think it’s so hard to redefine my life, dreams and living. And my poor children who could say dizzy in the age of 15 month! :?

Well my question, I came for. Some of the symptoms I feel most are ear pain, like a filling in the ear, like it’s pushing from inside - it looks normal from outside. When I teach I take painkillers to be able to go through the lesson. I also have pain like I had sinus infection. It hurts in my face, my teeth, over the eyes and so.
And because my most common symptoms are these, I keep wondering if I had the right diagnosis? It seems like you all here have the most severe symptom as dizziness…

Or am I wrong?

Hey ho ho from Line

Hello Line,
So sorry that you too are dealing with these awful symptoms. Have you seen a doctor? Have you had any testing done such as ENG or MRI?
Do you have a personal or family history of migraines?


Yes, I have had migraine myself. But only once a year and didn’t call it migraine until I had MAV.
I had an almost clear MRI. I dont know what an ENG is?

PS. I whas diagnosed with “difine MAV”. It just dosnt fit in my (sick) brain, with the other symptomes.

Ear pain is very common with MAV sufferers, Ive seen many people complain about ear pain. The symptoms that you explain do sound like a sinus infection, its possible that you have had this in addition to migraine. The only thing you can do from this point is adjust with the migraine lifestyle and look for diet triggers. It might also be a good idea to try preventatives.

Hi LIne,

i am like you- young, only 30 with children and dizzy all the time. It’s not fair! I actually have a fair amount of ear pain in my right ear. Whenever I go to the Dr. I always have him check to make sure I don’t have an ear infection, (I could swear I do) and sure enough I don’t. I also have daily ear ringing (tinnitus) that comes and goes. But so far, my ears are as clean as a whistle!

The ENG test is something you would have done at an inner-ear specialist. Maybe you could google it and read about it in your language to better understand it? It’s a pretty standard test but also make you more dizzy…it’s unfortuantely worth it though to get the results needed!

Thanks, both off you. I did have the ENG, the one where you get warm and cold water in your ear. It was almost clear on both sides.
I think I will talk to the doktor again about the sinus-thing. But hopefull I can avoid antibiotics, they make me more dizzy :slight_smile:

Yhanks again.

While it is possible you do have a sinus condition and that possibility should be ruled out, it is also possible to have sinus symptoms from migraine. There is a book called Heal Your Headache by Dr. Buchholz and in this book he explains the various ways one can feel migraine from headache to vertigo to sinus pain and pressure and sometimes ear pain.

If your sinuses are fine, then perhaps consider trying a migraine preventive to see if it makes a difference.


Welcome Line from Denmark,

Hamlet said “Denmark is a prison.” I doubt that. But there is no question that MAV is a prison!

Seriously, you might try to take some Sudafed or nasal decongestants. Some people here, myself included, have gotten some relief from these. But be careful if you have cardiac issues because they can affect the heart rate.

You should get a sinus scan, it is painless and only takes a minute, and the results come back fast. That will rule out any polyps or eustacian tube problems, which can cause MAV symptoms. Often they will find build-up that they will try to eliminate with antibiotics and sometimes steroids.

Lots of people here have 24/7 symptoms, but they are controlled to some extent by medicines, most anti-seizure or anti-depressants. You say that you are taking painkillers, and that may be a mistake because of the rebound effect. You might be better on a benzo which also works as a vestibular suppressant (e.g. Klonopin, Valium, Xanax).

Good luck and welcome.

I most try to get my doktor to send me to a scan. Thanks longshorts… And hey, the one dr. who knows about MAv is working in a hospital called “Hamlet” :lol: Its a private hospital. There are only very few private hospitals here. They are mostly public, we pay via tax.

Heel your headace isnt translated to danish, and I dont think a would understand it in english.

I forgot to tell I just started nortryline, after 3 month off diet. With no really effekt.

In Denmark the doktors are very very very carefull with benzo (actually they are carefull with any medicin, compared to ex. the states). So it would take a big deal of convincen to talk my doktors in to it :wink:

And @ilovesalem, do you also feel your balance is worse when the earpain is heavy?

you know, i haven’t really paid close attention to that, but i will. i feel mostly crappy all the time and the rockiness always seem constantly steadily there and i try my hardest not to think about it. i would guess no though? my rockiness is always at the same level.

Hey Line,
Welcome to the board,sorry you are here but you will find lots of support and answers.I am on Amitriptiliene which has helped me,it is very much like Nortiptiline.My doc said most people don’t take a high enough dose of it.It can also take some time to calm the brain down.Give it some time maybe?
Hope you get some answers and start feeling better soon.

I am in Sweden,not so far away,I love Denmark.

Mycket Tak James :slight_smile: