Continue with diuretic?

I have a question and plan on asking my doctors (both my neurologist and my neurotologist) in the coming weeks but was wondering if anyone else here could help. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease back in November and have been taking a diuretic ever since. The neurotologist said I actually have chronic daily migraine and that my symptoms aren’t vestibular related. So, I’m wondering: should I stop taking the diuretic? On the bottle it says it can cause dizziness and I have daily lightheadedness/slight dizziness. Just wondering if this could be part of my issue. I know guys aren’t doctors but just wondering about your thoughts. :roll:

Thanks so much,

Hi Bridget, I was diagnosed with menieres, then vestibular migraine. I have taken 4 different diuretics in the past, and every one of them caused me to have continuous migraine, definitely made me worse, probably because they are vasodilators.