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Conversion insufficiency

I didn’ t want to open an old post so I m doing a new one. I found out today that I have conversion insufficiency in one eye. May this be the cause of my last 2% of MV crapness I can’t solve?

I think you must be referring to ‘Convergence Insufficiency’. This means the two eyes don’t converge to merge their two images into one perfectly so I don’t see how you can get that in one eye. Wouldn’t make sense. CI occurs in about 5% of the population worldwide but is more common in certain races I understand. You’ll find a few references to it on here if you use ‘Search’. Most people with CI are born with it so have it life long and don’t even know they have got it. Few have problems with it. I have both read and observed that the majority of migraineurs have corrective lens for one reason or another. I’ve also read papers stating the incidence of CI in them is as high as one in three. I’ve yet to find anybody knowledgeable enough to understand the connection to migraine/MAV. It has been proven to have strong links with ADHD although some if this I’d suspect is misdiagnosis. If you have it and were born with it the question to ask would be why would it suddenly cause MAV. Very much doubt anybody could truthfully answer that. Not enough is known about it. I’ll email you a paper bit later you might find interesting. Helen

My eyes have a 3 degree squint (it was much worse when I was a kid, I had treatment). Is that the same thing?

Yep they used to call it a ‘squint’. Much like MAV was once called ‘Floating Woman Syndrome’. Not everybody with CI exhibits an actual visible squint. I think there are other conditions which can cause squinting to occur too. Helen

Well in my case I had it for over 40 years and in that time i had had one migraine :). So in my case at least a non issue.

Suspect if it’s stable the brain is more than capable of compensation …

yes sorry, my english i good but not excellent! yes i meant Convergence Insufficiency.
I don’t know if I had it before, is the first time I hear about it. So I am not sure if it’s a consequence of my MAV or not

I’d suggest you read the ‘Binocular and Convergence Insufficiency’ section first.

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thanks :slight_smile: my VM is visual induced I have no other trigger so this is really interesting.
Anyway tomorrow I am starting rehabilitation therapy for CI …

Nothing much wrong with your English. You should be proud of it. It’s hardly a phrase in common usage. IMHO and I’ve researched this a lot over the years, cos I have CI too, I doubt it could cause MAV but I think the CI can make people far more motion sensitive from the MAV. Whether the presence of CI can stop MAV recovery. I don’t see why it should. I wouldn’t let anybody convince me MAV caused the CI either. It can occur due to an accident. Either that or people are born with it. Helen

Good luck with the rehabilitation programme. I hope you are able to cope with it and gain some benefit from it. Helen

I think when you do a “smooth pursuit”(a type of VRT exercise) one eye can lag behind. There are specific VRT exercises and they can fix this. Also bear in mind if this is a migraine artifact then the VRT might not help much.

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With most true 100% CI cases ‘smooth pursuit’ isn’t possible. Not at all because the eyes don’t track that way. What they actually do is a million tiny little jumps trying to keep up. However with minor CI cases some retraining may be possible, sustaining it much less so. Not that it matters really. The brain adapts brilliantly and each person has an individual version that manages to achieve what’s necessary, Few people lose out much.

I would imagine the rehabilitation @blueberry0 is about to start on for CI would be Vision Retraining rather than VRT. Helen


Hi had the visit with the visual therapist, will start the program tomorrow, i m really excited about it :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: She seems to know what she is doing and said that she can help with the remaining symptoms!