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Coping with MAV and trying to build a career


I’ve only just signed up to this forum/webpage, and it is relieving to see I am not alone.
Firstly I will summarise my medical history and association with MAV. Since childhood (as long as I can remember) I have suffered with belts of vertigo. My childhood GP diagnosed me with Glue Ear and tiredness. This went on for many years… It was only until I suffered a deliberating attack when I turned 19 that I decided to invest in the persistent investigation into what is causing this. I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines and BPPV by an ENT specialist, to which he attempted to execute the Epley Manouver, however it was unsuccessful.
I have trialed a cocktail of drugs provided by NHS England (drugs that are available in the USA are not always available in the UK), and the most successful drug was Beta-Histine Dihyrdochloride.
My question is: how do you balance the drive for a successful, stressful career with belts of vertigo and anxiety?
I just graduated university and seeking to persue postgraduate education and/or graduate schemes.
I’m finding as I stress more about my future in the science industry, the higher the risk for me to suffer an attack.
I am considering anti-migraine preventative medication, but I’m still questioning whether mental health and the consumption of the combined contraceptive pill is related to the occurrence of vertigo attacks?

Please let me know your opinion!

(I apologise for the essay, I had a lot to say!)

Welcome to the forum @HealthSeeker, don’t worry about writing too much :slight_smile:

I wish you luck and hope you can find some more permanent relief soon!

Hi, and pleased to meet you.

Sorry I don’t have the answer to your question. I would imagine much will depend on each individual’s perceived levels of (a) necessary attainment and (b) condition severity. In general terms I’d say it would have to be a very fine balancing act most particularly with MAV in that the one (the career) is in most cases a main trigger for the other, not making it the best possible combination in the first place unfortunately as, by your later comments, you have already discovered. You may find preventatives a great help. Always worth a try as is a Migraine Diet, lifestyle changes/modifications (check out the site’s Wikis) etc.

Jury’s still out in that one and likely to be. Known causes are rarely investigated and opinions differ widely most particularly on connections to The Pill. Hormone-linked MAV can certainly be and individuals differ. Do use the Search facility to find further debate. Mental Health is another and we are into the ‘chicken/egg’ situation here. No definitive answers nor likely to be until long term extensive and expensive investigations occur Which seems unlikely any time soon. Consensus is that people with certain personality traits, A Type I believe it’s referred to, are much more likely to develop MAV. From what I’ve read beyond that it’s just luck or perhaps I should say lack of luck that brings each of us here. Still now you’ve arrived you’ll find you certainly aren’t unique or alone and here at least you should get plenty of help and support on your journey. Helen