Coping with unpredictability of vertigo attacks

Hi all!

After months of testing and doctors appointments, I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines. I am looking for advice on how to cope with the unpredictability of vertigo attacks. I only have 1 to 2 episodes of vertigo a week- but it is sometimes unpredictable. I have been thinking about getting a cane to help with stability but was not sure if that is common since the vertigo is not 24/7. I try to not let vestibular migraines interfere too much with my life (driving, walking) but I don’t know how to handle the attacks I get without warning. Is it weird to use a cane (or assistive walking device) when my attacks are more infrequent (instead of constant)?

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It probably depends primarily on the frequency and severity of your attacks.

I suffered attacks for nearly 3 years, but they were rarely so bad I needed to return home. I never used a stick.

I know that some have, you might find their stories via search.

I was hospitalised with a severe vertigo attack about 20 months ago. For the first two days I was not allowed to leave the bed unless a nurse was with me. On the third day I used an underarm walker to walk up and down the corridor. I really liked it. On the fourth day, my neurologist came, saw the walker and said “do you need this walker? If you do, I can’t let you go home”. She asked a physiotherapist to evaluate me and, luckily, I was able to walk without the walker. So I was allowed to go home.

When I was home I was wondering whether I should buy such a walker, but decided against it. This walker would have made it harder for my body to compensate and become “normal” again.

But having said all that, if you think that a cane might help you, then go for it.