For me, if I am active, I feel better. My worst moments are sometimes when I am sitting at a computer pr watching tv. Anyone else find that things are better when they just push through. I know I legitimately have migraine problems but this makes me wonder how much of this is my anxiety. Anyone else feel the same?

I have questioned if this is all anxiety at least a million times. And sometimes I still do!

Yeah, i know i get migraines. I know i get dizzy. I just dont know how much is perpetuated by the anxiety. Sometimes i read about people that cant drive or even get out of bed. I feel like if its not like that im doing ok. I dont forget its there but i feel that sometimes i just accept it and move on. My anxiety still goes up and down. My son is just now 6 months old and the hormone issues especially since im breastfeeding kind of hang around for me. Im also more tired than i was with others because he is my fourth!

Just walking around helps…My feeling is" I don’t feel like doing anything, but I can’t stand to do nothing"
It surely does get old !

I am constantly dealing with the anxiety of it. Sometimes I wonder if my anxiety is causing things or vice versa and then remember that feeling the MAV symptoms really make me feel out of control. Either way…I take a xanax and it truly helps me calm down and cope better. I also feel like if I can do a little something it helps me feel more IN control which gives me strength to cope.

Yeah tonight i rearranged and cleaned out the cabinet with all my recipe books! A busy mind is better. That sort of activity doesnt put me on visual over load either!

It probably depends on how badly you are actually feeling. There was a time when I couldn’t drive, not because I didn’t want to but truly because I couldn’t. I returned to work after 12 weeks bc I had to and although it was difficult, I pushed through and started to feel much better. Was it the activity (the truest form of vestibular rehab), was it time, medication, etc…who knows. I am functioning now, with some of the annoying symptoms, but it is true that once I start moving, I realize I forget about how much I feel like I am moving…did that make sense??? So, I agree that if you feel well enough to keep going, try it, and you may find that you feel a bit better.