CoQ10 helps a lot - but does anyone get GI symptoms from it too?

Hi guys, SO I restarted CoQ10 alongside the chelated magnesium glycinate last night. I took 400mg of it because that had helped a lot before (Whole Foods brand of it with some vitamin E in it) and I am having some GI symptoms again but I think that on balance, MAV and migraine is worse than having to go to the bathroom much more often! Does anyone find that they get GI symptoms with CoQ10 and did you find a brand that doesn’t do this? Am I just really weird?! haha

I had GI problems with Q10 too (after only a couple of days of taking it) so no, it’s not just you! (I was taking it alongside 400mg Riboflavin, but I’ve continued with that with no issues).


Magnesium may cause GI upset. It sure does for me…

Thanks so much for the advice guys! I think it’s the CoQ10 and I’ve stopped taking it. We’ll see whether magnesium by itself (that’s all I’m taking right now) is OK or not. Hope your guys’ migraine situation is improving!! xx

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