Corn as a trigger

Do any of you guys think corn is a trigger – more specifically fresh corn on the cob? The last few times I’ve had it, I wound up feeling less than average last year. Last night I had one whole cob and nothing else that could be a trigger with dinner (plain chicken and plain rice). The whole night I had the wildest most vivid dreams and woke up with a really sore head but neck still fine. It was almost like I had been given a mild dose of some hallucinogen it was that freaky. The headache went within 2 hours of getting up.

Sounds nuts but a night like that is very very rare and I think the corn set me off. I’ll have to repeat to know for sure but wondering if any of you have found it to be a trigger?


Did you wash it? Was it over ripe? Maybe it’s not corn itself but how it was preserved or how old it was?
I have never heard of corn as a trigger. Or you had less or more sleep than usual and that triggered it? I had read you were feeling much better since the neck knots were removed? Have you gotten bad again? Hope not…

Not a trigger for me,

Was it organic? Since most corn is GMO, you have no idea what might have caused your hallucinogenic dreams!

Yeah, weird I know.

The corn was the good ole normal stuff complete with pesticide, just how I like’ em. :slight_smile:

I used to eat corn on the cob 3-5 nights a week in the summer. It never bothered me.

I can’t be certain yet, but I’m now highly suspicious of corn. I’ve been eating a lot of (wholegrain) cornbread this past week, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve had a migraine almost every day. The timings of when I get migraine and when I consume corn also seem to match up.