Coronavirus and migraine

During and since the time that covid has started, I always lack sleep and having problems managing stress and my anxiety, I usually tend to wake early in the morning and cry out. I need help from anyone who maybe and somewhat experience the same thing, how do you manage your stress and how to do you cope from COVID 19?

Do you actually have COVID-19 or are you just listening to too much media fear mongering? Check out the CDC infection fatality statistics. 94% of deaths came with rather than from the virus. The vast majority of deaths were folks over 80 years old with an average of 2.5 comorbidities. Migraine isn’t a relevant comorbidity. Your chances of dying from Covid are very low, even if you’re older or more vulnerable. You should legitimately be more concerned getting in a car. Turn off the tv. Go outside and take a walk. No virus has ever survived in open air and sunshine but both will do you a world of good.


Write out and then implement a clear and comprehensive strategy for your own very best way to avoid catching it. You know the sort of things, enough masks and sanitizer, quietest time to hit the grocery store, decent length shopping list to avoid multiple shopping trips, etc etc then cut right back on your exposure to all the media hype and then just get on with your life. You need to be aware but just don’t obsess. Come up with a list of low risk distractions to occupy yourself instead.

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The only reason I got obsessed with getting covid was I can see when I get seriously ill how dizzy I get

Otherwise I wasn’t that worried

I’m mildly cautious but unafraid. Discomfort won’t kill us and for nearly all of us, neither will this virus.


Nice glad t know that you easily coped up. What have hobbies have you discovered?

I own a business and work from home. I just kept doing that. Though this year has also included a massive garden, home renovation and a lot of non-MAV related medical issues. I certainly haven’t been bored.

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