Cotton wool feeling in head and vertigo what's causing it?

Hi i’m posting because i’m experiencing odd symptoms that are making me very anxious.

Two days ago I believe I might’ve suffered dehydration because I vomited when trying to drink water but I kept drinking it and also made myself eat more food and eventually felt better but my brain continued to feel like I had cotton in my head and I felt dizzy for a couple more hours then it passed. Next day I felt fine until I went outside and my head felt like cotton again and I had some slight vertigo.
Today I also felt fine until suddenly I was just sitting not doing anything special and the cotton wool feeling in my head came back and everything is spinning much more than before it’s like really bad vertigo and I have pain in one spot between my eyes only and sometimes I get a pressure on the bridge of my nose.

I have experienced ‘brain fog’ before but not to this extent. I am not on any medications and I don’t suffer from any illnesses.
I also feel very tired regardless of getting enough sleep. I have suspected the weather as it’s been really humid. I’ve also suspected sinusitis due to my headaches lately having been in the areas where I usually get pain when I have sinusitis but i’ve never experienced any of these other symptoms with sinusitis, my sinus headaches are also usually really bad while these are not nearly as bad unless it hasn’t gotten to that point yet… and I have no fever. I’ve been working so i’ve been very focused on that and ignored headaches and sinus pressure i’ve had and then my vacation started and literally the same day it started all of this happened but good timing at least lol…
What do you think this sounds like should I seek medical help?:frowning:

Hi is a support/discussion group only. We aren’t medical professionals and are therefore unable to give you a diagnosis. You are obviously experiencing symptoms which are new to you and I think it would be a good idea to seek proper medical advice as soon as is practical. For sure it could well be the current hot and humid conditions accompanied by your possible dehydration incident aren’t helping. If you access the Welcome pages on this site you’ll find alot of advice relating to vestibular migraine and migraine-associated vertigo but vertigo/dizziness occurs for many reasons so it’s best to get it checked out properly. It could well prove from what you had reported that your vertigo has a migraineous link. Alot of presumed ‘sinus headaches’ prove to be migraine in reality and as you say it could well be that it has gotten that to that point yet. The fact that it seems to have started as you hit vacation, ie relaxed is another common occurrence with migraine and migraine related conditions. If you cannot access your medical provider quite soon and are feeling bad speak to a pharmicist who may be able to advise on some short-term medicine, possibly meclizine, you could try whilst you wait. If you continue to experience symptoms do take care to stay safe whilst your balance system is compromised. Hope you’ll soon get sorted. If the vertigo continues this forum’s members are always there to offer further support. Good Luck.

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Hi, it could be migraine related, but could be a number of things including some problem with the inner ear. Its natural to feel anxious about dizziness and weird head sensations, I can definitely relate to how you feel. Do try to stay calm as you can about it, I know it is hard.
If it were me, I’d try to see an ENT doctor right away so he/she can evaluate your symptoms. ENTs are not always well read in migraine stuff, so if they can’t find anything wrong with your ears then I would visit a Neurologist next. And I feel like the younger Neurologists are generally more knowledgable and willing to work with migraine patients, but that’s just my feeling.

Good luck and keep us updated!

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