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Could I have narcolepsy?

I’m starting to wonder if I could be narcoleptic.

The reason I think it’s a possibility is that on awaking, I am frequent tired and feel like I’m going to fall asleep. When I do get still and try to read something, I will go into a light sleep like state accompanied with hallucinations that someone near me is saying something. I usually only stay in this state a second or so, and then I wake up with muscle spasms that cause me to jerk my arms up.

Just a few minutes ago, it happened and I thought my wife, who was sitting next to me said something that made absolutely no sense. I then awoke and smashed my iPad, that I had been reading, into my face.

It’s getting to the point that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t fall asleep three or four times a day, and the frequency seems to be increasing.

I searched Mr Google tor migraine and narcolepsy and I got several hits that indicate there could be a correlation. I also took the Narcoleptic online quiz and it suggested I could be narcoleptic and I should see my doctor.

A little more background on me, in addition to having MAV, I also have obstructive sleep apnea that is successfully treated with a CPAP. I never sleep without my CPAP. Last summer we had a power outage that lasted two days and I had to sleep without the machine. I slept about five minutes at a time.

I’m wondering if anyone else experiences this.