Could less be better?

When I was on Topamax at 75 mg, I felt better than I do at 100 mg.

Not perfect, but better.

My thought process was …if 75 mg was pretty good… continue to move up and I will continue to see progress being made. Now I am not so sure.

Is it possible that 75 mg is the appropriate therapeutic dose for me with Topomax and I should taper back on that medication and see what happens?

With the 100mg, my head has more tinnuitis, I am more groggy, a little more sleepy, and just a little more off.

That being said, there are so many variables that I know that I cannot attribute it to the Topomax alone. I may simply be just taking a stab in the dark.

Just throwing the question out there. Thanks for the help!

Todd :smiley:

Hey Todd,

How long have you been on 100mg? If not for a while, those affects could just be due to the increase in dose. In other words, you may get used to the 100 mg and they may go away as well. However, 75 mg may also be “your” dose as it were. As you know, you have to trial this med over time to see what 1. you can handle and more importantly 2. how well it takes care of your issues. So the answer is…maybe. LOL.

Cheers, Bonnie

I have been at 100 mg for about 3 weeks I woud guess. No other symptoms / issues with the increase…except for the slight increase in dizzy symptoms.

It could very well be completely unrelated…which seems to be the prevailing answer with everything else I have dealt with over the past 5 years :o

I wlll continue on with the 100 mg and see where it takes me…


Hi Todd,

My gut feeling here would be that you’d reach a dose that was of maximum benefit to you, but taking more than that would just mean no additional benefit, rather than being detrimental? I’ve reached what I think was my optimum mix/dosage of meds, but I still have some ups and downs, so I suspect perhaps the 75mg is your best dosage, but you’re just having a little blip that happens to coincide with your increased dosage? But it will be interesting to read other people’s thoughts on this.

Hi Todd,
I think I read somewhere that Topamax is one of the drugs where too much or too little is easy to do…you have to find YOUR sweet spot. (and I’m not talking about fishing on the lake!). It is quite possible that 75 was it for you, and by IT, I mean as good as it gets. From my research, 100mg is the max for migraine, although you could probably find doctors who would go up from there…
I would give it 4-6 weeks (depending on side effects) and if you don’t feel any better than 75, then I’d go back down…but that’s just me. :slight_smile:
Good luck!!

Hi Todd
I take a total of 75mg. of topamax per day as well… that’s pretty much my dosage. However, I also supplement with whatever I need (some klonopin, some advil, sudafed, zyrtec, etc.) so you are right that there are always going to be other variables. Maybe the 100mg. of topamax doesn’t “play well” with your klonopin. I sometimes bump up to 90mg. of topamax if I’ve really overdone the food triggers and stress. But, I take the extra dose in the evening and by morning I don’t really feel many side effects anymore like I used to other than some extra tingling. If you do better at 75mg. then stay there… who needs more meds than necessary? Glad to hear you’re doing better!
Gail : )

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they say it works best if you split the dose…
has anyone else done that?

Hello all,

Wanted to address a couple of things and hope my info helps.

I used to take Periactin for vertigo. At the time did not know I had MAV but the drug worked for 6 yrs and then all of a sudden it wasn’t working. In retrospect, now with the knowledge and diagnosis I have I realize I was with the wrong doc and was probably way under dosed. Here in the US Periactin is by perscription only. Todd you had asked about Periactin in another thread so just thought I throw this in.

I have been taking Topamax for the last year with good results. I used to take 100mg a day, at bedtime. Recently in Feb was increased to 150mg which I took at bedtime and although saw some inprovement did not see my best improvement until I split the dose. Now 50mg am, 100mg pm. So for me personally spliting the dose was the answer.

Best to all, Cecilia

Hi Todd,
That was my thought too. NOT!!!
Topa is like music, less is more.
as soon as you hit a sweet spot sit with it, or it will all go to HELLin a hand basket. :twisted:
This is the same misconception I had, it nearly killed me…
best xx

hmmm…7 different replies with 7 different answers :lol:

I am going to get drunk tonight, pin the answers up on a wall, blindfold myself, and peg my “new” remedy with a pin on the wall :smiley:

By the way…wife and I are headed to Seattle tomorrow to go see Lenny Kravitz and U2 …WAAAAHHHHOOOO!!!

Can I get an Amen from the Congregation? :mrgreen:


My topamax dosing is spread out throughout the day… works best for me that way. Apparently I’m the only patient that my neuro has that does that, so she’s been intrigued by my methodology (I thought that was common sense and not all that genius). However, I take the 15mg. sprinkle caps which allow for gradual “gentle” dosing all day rather than heavy hits of the drug once or twice a day.
Bottom line: Do what works!
Gail : )

— Begin quote from “Go Gonzaga”

By the way…wife and I are headed to Seattle tomorrow to go see Lenny Kravitz and U2 …WAAAAHHHHOOOO!!!

Can I get an Amen from the Congregation? :mrgreen:


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VERY COOL, Todd! Have fun. Maybe Bono would let you sing “Vertigo” with him??! :lol: ~Bonnie (love Lenny K. btw)

Hey Todd, I’ll look for you in the crowd tomorrow :slight_smile: We’re going as well–our 5th time seeing U2. Love them!! Should be a great show and the weather in the high 70’s, or so they say.

I’ve been interested in the topamax posts as I’m going back to the neuro next Wednesday and will likely go on topamax. I’m finding Prozac isn’t the drug for me–not cutting the dizzies as much as Celexa did, and it makes me feel pretty jittery. I can’t start a beta blocker because I’m starting allergy shots next month–guess they don’t mix well. Anyway, I’m hoping topamax will help calm things for me.

BTW, as for Topamax and Klonopin “playing well together”, I can say at least in my neighborhood, they are good buddies. 75mg (pm) and .5mg (split in half, am/pm) respectively works wonders for me! It isn’t a miracle 100% cure and yeah there are side effects, but it is MY dose that works for me/that I can tolerate best. :smiley:

Sounds good friends…

I will start splitting my 100mg Topomax pills in half…taking 1/2 of them in a.m. and 1/2 of them at night.

I would never have thought of doing that unless I listened to my peers on this board, interesting concept.

The Remaron (nighttime medication is still a champ…first thing I have taken in 5 years that lets me get a good nights sleep…thanks to Kelley!!!

You pop a couple of those…and you have about 15-20 minutes before you become nearly comatose :smiley: Good shit!

there is something to be said about getting a good nights sleep…just starts your day off on the right foot :mrgreen:

I will keep you guys posted about the splitting of the Topomax…maybe that is the ticket!

Kelley…you getting ready for your steaks yet? You are down to about a month from steaks, wine, seafood, and some free fishing…waaaahoooo :smiley: Welcome to the great Northwest! We will treat you and yours like family!

(Unless you catch a bigger fish than me…then you get tossed out the boat :lol: )


Hey, Todd
If there is a score mark on your pills, then you can split them. If not, then check with the pharmacist to see if you should be splitting the pills in case you cannot get the right amount of topamax (some meds you cannot do that). I take capsules in much smaller doses so my dosing is split up over the day by taking 30mg. at a time with an extra 15mg at night to round out the 75mg. Your doctor can always switch your dosage to 50mg. pills or capsules, 25mg. capsules, etc. to allow for spacing the doses out. Again, whatever works.

Glad your med cocktail is working for you. Soooo good to get a great night’s sleep. Makes all the difference - good for you after all you’ve been through. Hope Kelley eats my share of steak.
Gail : )