Could the verapamil be working?

I hope it’s not too soon to be posting this and I definately hope I don’t jinx myself, but I started verapamil a few nights ago and I have seen a change. Actually, not just a change, I feel…normal!

I cannot believe it! The first night I took it I noticed that I felt normal within two hours of my first dose. By morning though I was foggy again. Second night same thing, normal two hours after my dose so by now I’m thinking it can’t be coincidence. Third night, once again I started out foggy and my eyes couldn’t focus and two hours later they did and I was normal feeling again. And today, I woke up with the normal feeling. Wow!

From what I understand, when you first start taking verapamil it has a short half life, say, 3 to 6 hours. Then as the drug begins to build in your system it lasts longer and longer. So this is why I was noticing a difference at first and then my symptoms crept back. So it’s finally starting to build in my system maybe.

Do I dare hope? Maybe it’s too soon but I felt I should share

one of the girls form the MDDs site found out she had MAV and started verapamil and did get better pretty quick.
it dose happen halfthere. :smiley:
the only thing to do is try not to get over excited and always expect the worst.
that way you wont be disapionted OK?
that awesome,’
some stillness is better than none at all hey?
I found verapamil did change things alot.
the dizzies were calmer, and that’s better than nothing.
so happy for you halfthere!!!
big ((((((hugs )))))) jen

Halfthere- WAY TO GO!!!

they say it works, lots of people get relief, why not you?

Did you happen to get a PI sheet with your RX? probably not. If you’re interested in knowing when it reaches steady state, tell your pharmacist that you want the patient information sheet.

Here’s what I found:

the half life is 3-7 hours
the bioavailability of that 120 mg is 20-30%
it reaches peak plasma level in 1-2 hours
with chronic use of 120 mg, blood concentrations of 125-400 mg were found.

I have no idea how long they mean by “chronic use”

Just keep taking it.

But I’m with Jen. There have been several posts on this forum dedicated to verapamil, some good stories, some failures. Verapamil makes up 20% of Hain’s practice.

fingers and toes crossed for you HT,


Hi Julie and halfthere,
I was told it can take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks to reach it peak and do all of it’s best work.

good to know. I wish i could add that to my mix. When Hain mentioned it i reminded him that my heart rate when i wake up in the morning is 48. when i’m up and around it’s 55. When i’m resting in bed it’s around 50. And i’m not making it any better with all this exercise.

no verapamil for me :frowning: