Couple questions for the Verapamil users

I just took my first one about half an hour ago, scared to death of potential side effects but so far so good.

I was prescribed 120 mgs - can anyone tell me if this is a big dose? little dose? medium dose? I’m going to try it for a month and then go back to the doctor for a follow up. I hope I can tolerate this better than the nortriptylene I tried.

Does anyone take this in combination with HCTZ? Last time I cut down/stopped the HCTZ I had two severe vertigo attacks. My doctor suggested taking the HCTZ only 3 times a week instead of daily. I don’t want to stop it altogether as I believe it is helping.

What exactly is Verapamil supposed to help with - the rotational vertigo attacks? the motion sick feeling I have? the daily headache I have?

If this works for me, is it something I have to take for life or just a couple of years (or months)?

I haven’t been around for awhile. I’ve been very busy at work, working 10-11 hours a day and then so wound up I have trouble sleeping. But I have been feeling somewhat better, I think it may be because I have been eating dairy free and gluten free for a few months. I’m not feeling motion sick 100% of the time like I used to. I even have periods of time where I feel good. However I still am extremely motion intolerant, that hasn’t changed at all. One wrong movement and I feel terrible for quite a while. I still don’t have a definite diagnosis though, and that is frustrating. I haven’t taken any valium or meclizine for 2 months. Giving up these has been hard, but I felt one or the other may have been contributing to my mini-spins - the feeling I would get every once in a while as if I were being pushed a half an inch. This has been hard as there are many times when the motion sick feeling is so strong I really need something, but I’ve been getting through somehow.

Any Verapamil advice you can send this way will fall on open ears.


Sorry to bring this up to the top . . . can anyone answer any of my questions or give me any verapamil advice? I think some of you have used this. Today I’ve had chest pains, ugh! I don’t know if that is muscular because I was doing some heavy lifting yesterday or if I’m having a heart attack (geesh I hope not) or if it is just a normal variation of how I feel or if it’s a side effect of the meds. I am so med phobic and med sensitive.

I’m reading that chest pain should be reported to the doctor as it can be a potentially serious side effect. If it goes away tomorrow, it was probably the heavy lifting. If not, talk to the doctor.

120 is the smallest dose I know of for migraine. Highest used is 480. I only know its purpose as far as MAV treatment is concerned – to try to end the migraine, more or less. If it does work, all associated symptoms should resolve.

Scott answered the “time” question in the “Survival Guide” – “Once stable, you remain on the medication for one year and then it may be possible to come off the drug over another 4-month reduction period at which point a migraineur can remain in remission without medication but still following a migraine lifestyle. Others may need to stay on their preventive for many years or for life.”

George, thank you for your feedback.

No chest pains today, phew.

I hope I get some relief at 120 mgs, I don’t like the thought of going higher. It is definitely affecting my bp. I tend to be slightly low because of the diuretic but yesterday it was around 95/58.