Covid induced vertigo like I have never had before - VM or VN?

I was prescribed prednisolone in the first week of a MAJOR attack and it did nothing for me. I feel it’s time more than anything. Time and appropriate drugs. Will be interested to see how you both go

Hope it helps too! I am so exhausted I can barely function. The dizziness keeps shifting and changing - I think I will try nort but not right now - I have decided to try and make it to the 4-6 week mark and see if there is any abatement as I really react to medication and Nort has a suicidal increase element and in my current mental state that would be the worst thing for me. I have to try and be positive that this can actually go back to where it was on its own, I think sometimes I try and find a fix outside with meds. But we will see.

Time is definitely key! To give you some context - I had covid the first time back in September. I was off work and in bed for a month. That was mainly with covid symptoms initially, but 2 weeks in my vestibular symptoms started getting worse. By 3 months I was up and about properly but my balance continued to get progressively worse. I had 3 nasty falls and really hurt myself as a result. In March I gave in and went to see both my vestibular rehab physio and my consultant. My consultant doubled my Amitriptyline dosage and put me back on Betahistine as it had been helpful before. I did the Betahistine first and got significantly worse for the next 2 weeks, ended up being signed off work again. 2 and a half weeks in, it suddenly started working and I then added in the increased Amitriptyline. By May I was feeling better than I had done for years! So time, and the right medication (when I was ready) were key. This time, the covid infection isn’t as bad, but the vestibular symptoms started straight away. My consultant has said I can up my Amitriptyline again if needed but, like you, I want to see if things will calm down over the next few weeks. I know the option is there if I need it. I’m taking the steroids, trying to make sure I drink enough water and my consultant said lots of fruit and veg, good food rather than the chocolate I would really like to be eating!! And my vestibular rehab physio has advised me to move as much as I can each day. Although also need to rest as like you said, it’s exhausting! So I’m doing all the right things and hopefully, things will gradually improve. You know your body, and mind, better than anyone so once you know all your options, go with what you feel is instinctively right for you x


It has done nothing for me in the past also…how strange it helps some and not others. Reinforces my belief that we are probably all suffering from a handful of different disorders rather than just one!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I’ve also been through the wars with Covid in terms of VM flaring. I can really sympathise

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Dr S said it just won’t work / isn’t successful because it isn’t just a our immune system response and more that COVID just fills the jug so I’m not sure if it means we have a load of different disorders (I really hope not), and it’s known for causing all conditions to flare. I’ve decided to really throw all the supplements at it and the lifestyle stuff before introducing another medication. I know this board is quite pro meds but trying to believe that I can beat this thing without more at the moment. This morning the dizziness has settled a little bit - not much but small steps.

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Dr also said that I wasn’t really controlled migraine wise and it was bubbling under the surface and Covid would have just sent it nuts.

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I can believe that Covid fills the jug. I’m like you in terms of wanting to avoid extra meds. I’ve been getting by for years with just supplements, diet and lifestyle, but Covid sent me over the edge. Though I started to get extra long Covid symptoms like POTS type stuff and my histamine levels went crazy. Good luck, I hope you get through it soon.

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Interestingly, I avoided the first phase of COVID and to date have only had it once, presumably Omicron, which was not pleasant but not as bad as some doom-mongers would have you believe, all despite not being vaccinated.

I did not have an escalation of MAV symptoms and those have only been bad recently in relation to poor diet (alcohol, red meat, too much caffeine?)

So I’ve been taking the prednisolone for 4 days now and it’s definitely made a difference for me. My consultant said it has worked in his menieres patients because the steroids work on inflammation - that’s something I have suffered with both times with covid, both in my chest and ears. Perhaps the covid symptoms have triggered my vestibular symptoms and in treating the covid inflammation, it’s then had a knock on effect on everything else? I have no idea!! I’m definitely nowhere near 100%, feeling very shaky, still feeling swimmy headed and nauseous but it has definitely helped get me up and out of bed and actually functioning and for that I am very grateful!

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That’s so good. I just cannot get them prescribed. Are you in the UK? Perhaps my neurologist would do it but I don’t think he would. This is so frustrating I’m even considering getting some online but that also feels really risky. What percentage would you say you’re at function wise?

Not sure percentage wise - I’ve been for a walk with my girls this afternoon though! Rest of the day has been spent resting and I can really feel my head swimming now but it’s a definite improvement. I’m UK based, yes - just outside London. My consultant is based in Cambridge. It doesn’t sound like steroids is an option that works for everyone but it has definitely made a difference for me and I’ll take that, no matter how small!

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Are you still on the Amitriptyline? X

Only 20mg at the moment of Ami. Consultant is building me up in 10mg doses at the moment - and slowly as I react to everything!

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I just got over Covid and I feel like I’m going to faint every time I workout and get extreme fatigue. I never had this happen before Covid. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s truly awful.

Thanks for the help!

That sounds like classic Covid to me. Don’t push it or it can last longer I was told x