Covid induced vertigo like I have never had before - VM or VN?


I am on day 6 of being COVID positve - on my second day I woke with the worst vertigo I have ever had - it is all in my right side, tried epley but nothing helps it - also have ear pain.

I have had MAV for 4 years on and off and nothing like this - the GP saying its likely labs or VN, but I cant stop panicking about VN causing permanent damage. I have had such a hard time already the last year , this feels like it going to finish me off…does anyone have any experience of VM flaring really badly during COVID? Or is it likley I do have VN / labs after all

Hi becs, sorry you are suffering with COVID! Rotten luck!

What are labs or VN anyway? And for that matter VM?

These are only diagnoses: ie they match symptoms to lists of symptoms and treatment to responses to treatment.

A diagnosis does not define a pathophysiology. Most discussion of physiology in this field is just conjecture, speculation and dogma.

Sadly no-one has any proof of what is going on at a cellular or mollecular level for any of these things.

Anything else is just a belief system. Welcome to “modern” medicine …

My hunch is COVID might exacerbate (ie worsen) what was really happening under the hood anyway.

I think it’s pretty easy to prove that the inner ear is involved in VM (because of the prevalence of positional vertigo) and given the inner ear is thought to be “immune active”, infections might cause worsening symptoms as the inner ear seeks to defend itself.

I’d also wager this is entirely reversible, because the symptoms may be caused by hydropic pressure which is thought by some experts to increase to flush the inner ear of pathogens as part of the defence process. It might be that the body is pre-empting the existence of pathogens in the inner ear and flushing it as a precaution? It does not mean COVID has got into your ear!

There’s also other hormones and blood chemistry to consider that also change during times of stress that may influence the inner ear.

The body is way more sophisticated than our understanding of it.

I think all you need is time for this to calm down after your body has fought it off.

Do not stress about it, you will be fine! Stress will only make your symptoms worse.

I had covid pretty badly, I was off work for a month plus recovery time after that. My VM flared horribly - when I was really poorly with covid I just assumed that the increase in vestibular symptoms was because I wasn’t moving as much, but it continued to get worse, even once I was up and about again. I ended up having real problems with my balance and a few really nasty falls before I caved and went to see my specialist and had changes made to my meds. It was a long and slow recovery for me - I’m now feeling better than I have done in a long time and regret not upping my meds sooner if I’m honest. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but if you feel you need help, my advice would be to seek it asap! You may find that your symptoms improve as your covid symptoms lessen - fingers crossed for you x


Hi Becs

So sorry to hear this! Can you attribute your relapse to anything significant? Or definitely COVID? Stress? Or maybe other factors? How long has the relapse lasted so far? Are there other symptoms aswell as the vertigo?

Let’s not cross post. Moved your post here.

Just to add - I tested positive for covid for the 2nd time this morning and am already feeling off balance, nauseous and swimmy headed. I wonder if it just hits you where you have a weakness…no fun though!

Honestly, I am done - I have battled this condition for two and a half long years, with one long period of being ok, and some other moments but this relapse has sent me to considering suicide. Not just considering, genuinely feeling that I have no other options. I am a failure of a mum, I cant look after my daughter, my partner deserves better, and I have no real want to continue. This year has been the worst of my life so far and on top of that this now. I have no more resilience left in me, no more patience, no more wish to try further medications. I am 13 days post covid and this isnt getting better, and I cant simply sit in bed all day and wait this out. I dont know if I will post again, not to be dramatic, but I am so completely done with this. I have come close to ending things before due to MAV, but this feels like I am on the precipice with only that as my option. I tried

Please post again. Vent all you like on here. We are all hearing you and rallying for you. Don’t let this defeat you Bec.

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Hi - I had an appointment with Dr S a few months ago and he said he’s had a lot of people come back to him following COVID. I tested negative but my husband was positive for 10 days and I had really bad spinning vertigo. I did do a few Epleys which seemed to help with the spinning but it’s taking such a long time and more meds to try and bring me back to where I was. Like you I’ve felt really down about it. I thought I’d moved past all the really bad spells. I’m trying to work with accepting it as part of me (with therapy ) but it’s real struggle. I’m back working from home as I can’t manage the boat travel to work. (don’t ask!). I understand the suicidal feelings. I have been there. Is there a way. you can access any counselling or therapy? I also said to myself that I wasn’t doing any more meds but in the end I gave in, spoke with Dr S and am trying some new ones which are actually making a difference. Not immediately but just slowly each week I can see a difference. Please keep posting as you need to be able to say how you are. We will hear you.


You sound exactly like me!! I went a long time without upping my meds and now wish I’d done it sooner. But my specialist also said the same re covid - it’s triggering a lot of patients.

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It’s funny how resistant I can be to meds, like somehow I should be stronger and mange without. Which is really silly. If you have a broken leg you don’t refuse a crutch to help you get about!

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Absolutely! But I rarely took a paracetamol before all things vestibular and it’s a huge mindshift to feel as if you’re dependent on medication!

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What has Dr S prescribed you? I am speaking with him on Weds but he is always so negative with me and tells me that its possible I wont get better. Did he say that these post COVID people have actually improved at all?

I didn’t ask him about post COVID people but I’ve upped my amiltripline to 40mg (I had been reducing as felt better) and introduced clonidine as I’m menopausal. I’m not sure if I’m doing a bit better because of the ami or clonidine though. I’m also doing standing pilates to try and improve my balance - I wouldn’t have contemplated doing that though until I could walk straight. I was weaving all over the road before! Good luck with your appointment. I just love that I don’t have to try and explain my symptoms. He just gets it.

How did you get on today Becs? I had a call with my consultant this morning as am really struggling with vestibular symptoms post covid - testing negative now but feel pretty shocking. He has had success with prednisolone (steroids) with menieres relapses caused by covid so he’s asked my GP to prescribe me that for 7 days. Plus have an anti nausea med to try if needed. Will hopefully avoid full relapse again this way! Hope you had some success today as well x

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Hi - it went ok - he said its happened a lot after both COVID and also the vaccines - but then banged on about how I should be vaccinated - im not so no point in worrying. I asked him about steroids but he said no…if it works for you I will just try and get some from somewhere cause this is just so intense. I have been advised to start Nort which i will, he also said I can give it a bit of time to calm down and then try - I am torn about what to do really - I would like to not suffer any more but also want to see if my body can reach some equilibrium on its own as well. Sorry youre struggling again its so crap. I keep thinking its VN but Dr S also said that he doesnt think it is. The dizziness seems to be shifting around a bit - in some ways getting worse, in others getting better - lots of head pressure and extreme fatigue when I try to walk though.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the steroids! I completely empathise, I was so poorly with covid the first time and then with the vestibular relapse it triggered. This time is definitely not as bad but still tough. It’s completely individual re meds but I do know that when I finally caved and saw my specialist last time, I wished I’d upped my meds sooner as it had a really positive impact for me. But totally get that it’s not an easy decision x

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I would be really interested to hear how you get on with prednisolone. What dose were you given? Seems like Covid treatment is moving along a bit for the likes of us, beyond just shoulder shrugging! Hope it helps you

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He prescribed 30mg daily for 7 days. Really hoping it helps!

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Its used to calm down acute attacks. I really hope this works for you.