Covid or not?

I’ve been furloughed from work this week as a few colleagues have tested positive for Covid so my workplace has closed for a “firebreak”. On Friday I made the mistake of painting my study. Since I had physically exerted myself a migraine episode was inevitable. And Lo and behold the dizziness started that evening and shortness of breath, headache from hell began not long after, took the painkiller meds, no let up which is usual 80% of the time- they rarely work. But I noticed I’d lost my sense of taste and smell. Spent the night in my usual migraine hell, vomited about 4am then finally slept. The next day as usual After an attack felt like death warmed up, spent all day on the sofa. Did about 400 steps all day! About 8pm felt weird like I was struggling to get enough oxygen in, had heart palpitations lasting about 2 minutes. Put it down to fatigue. Went to bed awoke The next morning with more terrific headache-rebound it is. Vision problems, dizzy, nausea, crushing pain. Took more painkilling meds, this time the triptan worked and I managed to sleep for three hours, now I feel absolutely shattered. All this is not new but I still have no Smell or taste -that’s a completely new one on me- could I have Covid And that’s triggering my migraine? Has anyone else experienced that?

Guess you need a Covid test. As loss of smell and taste is now considered pretty much top Covid symptom and you have been exposed to it a few days ago sounds likely. As the common cold another coronavirus can trigger strong MAV symptoms I don’t see why it couldn’t produce migraine in the susceptible. Better book a test. Good luck and all the best. Do let us know how you get on. Maybe it will just prove to be allergic reaction to paint causing the migraine but that doesn’t explain the losses.

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I have booked a test, have no other “typical” symptoms such as temperature or cough- everything else is just my typical MAV symptoms. Just wondered if anyone else had had an attack trigger with COVID. The physical exertion of painting would be a ‘normal’ trigger for me but if I rest after I don’t usually suffer a rebound- only if I try to do too much.

I have an acquaintance who tested positive this past Monday. He said he didn’t have any of the common symptoms, but he had eye pain and dizziness/vertigo (he does not normally have vestibular problems). I checked with him on Friday and he said the eye ache and dizziness were gone and he wasn’t as fatigued as he was at first.

Several on here have mentioned they have had Covid. Try the Search facility. Keyword ‘covid’ and ‘coronavirus’ and you will find their comments then you could always PM them to ask.

False positives are a big problem. On the flip side I’ve got a buddy with all the symptoms but a negative result. Both Elon Musk and Senator Loeffler from GA both had both positive and negative COVID results in a short span of time. Sen. Loeffler had a positive, an inconclusive and a negative within two days. Elon Musk has two negatives and two positives from four tests done in series on the same day.

Test results came back Positive for Covid. Can’t tell the difference between a mav episode and this thing other than I can’t taste or smell. No major headache but all other symptoms, fatigue, dizziness, fullness in ears, nausea, neck pain, and when I move feel like I’m on a boat.


Certainly got the results back quickly. Sorry to hear that but not really surprised as you’d been exposed to it at work and that loss of senses is high. Top? Even on the symptoms lists now whereas it wasn’t even mentioned at the beginning. Must admit I feared a MAVer catching it would suffer your current symptoms. It does seem to strike at the weakness link. I guess all Coronaviruses do. Common cold would do same to me. Take good care of yourself and hope you feel better in a while.


Take good care of you Jools. :heart:

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Two friends recently recovered after testing positive. It was annoying rather than awful for him, but unfortunately the lady got pneumonia. She is over it now though too. It took several weeks to take its course.

Good luck Jools!

They said I’d get the results about 48-72hours after my test, but the text message came through within 24hours so I was impressed.
A couple of others at work have also lost taste and smell and tested positive from what I here. Awoke this morning feeling a bit better. Tinnitus is less noticeable and dizziness only when I move around


Quite impressive that cos they are busy for sure and we hear so much negative stuff about their incompetence. Less symptoms this morning. That’s better news. It’s not surprising Covid sets the MAV off cos MAV seems to flair up when we experience most other conditions. I only have to get touch of hayfever to start it off. The loss of taste and smell can occur with the common cold. I have lost mine several times temporarily and one boss I had years ago lost his permanently following a cold but that must be pretty unusual and I haven’t heard occurring with Coronavirus as yet. These days I have a highly enhanced sense of smell all the time but for a few days before an attack it goes into overdrive. I tell my Him Indoors I must be smelling the world much as a Police Search dog might. The overdrive eases off soon as the attack really gets going I think or soon afterwards. All quite fascinating stuff if one can look at it objectively. Him indoors wouldn’t agree not when I have him crawling around on his bad hip looking for ‘whats gone off’ in a deep refrigerator I suspect.

false positives or negatives are an issue of antigen tests, not PCR, those are pretty accurate.
@Jools I hope you feel better soon, many people are affected in the neurological system, instead or on top of the respiratory, and dizziness, headache, loss of smell and taste, brain fog are all recognized symptoms of covid.
BTW, my vestibular therapist told me they are opening a covid clinic at the rehab center for recovered covid patients with neurological sequels.
Take good care of yourself and don’t minimize any symptom, check your oxygen three times a day with an oximeter. My parents got covid two months ago and have not recovered the smell.

PCR tests are only accurate if the threshold is low enough. Over 30 cycles and you’re getting RNA from dead virus, other coronaviruses, and non-infectious amounts of COVID-19. The CDC cuts it off at 33 cycles. In the US they set it at 40 cycles. That means a lot of false positives mixed in with very real cases.

You can get yourself tested so you feel at ease and sure how to medicate.

I have CoVid too @Jools and its definitely kicked the dizziness hornets nest for me. Actually before I had the obvious CoVid symptoms, I had 2 days of dizziness (and lots of sneezing!) out of nowhere that were concerning since I’ve had it so well controlled lately. That was 4 days ago and the dizziness has calmed down thankfully. I know it could change any time but will take it as it comes. Hope you all stay safe and stay well!


Dear @Naejohn I hope it passes quickly and smoothly. Keep us posted. Sending you healing hugs.


Thank you so much @dizzy3 :sparkling_heart:

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Oh wow. Not you too! :(. Hope it’s a light one for you. Speedy recovery! Hugs!!

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@Naejohn and @Jools

How are doing ladies?

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