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Covid Quarantine Facility Anxiety


Badly needed someone to talk to. Two months ago, I got my jab and proud to say I’m fully vaccinated together with my family. However, recently, some of my family members tested positive so, as a protocol, they were transferred to a quarantine facility. I was tested thrice but turn out negative. Last night, I received a message from my father telling me he’ll probably get more sick staying in the facility. Space is limited and there are no activities to be made. For the record, my father is only asymptomatic but, with no visible symptoms. So, I don’t understand why he needs to stay there where he can just stay at home. We even have an extra room in the house which can be used as his quarantine area. I’m so worried that he may get worse staying there by catching real covid symptoms. What do you do think I need to do? This is giving me panic attacks =(

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I am not able to comment on the covid situation. It depends very much on the country you live in, and possibly also on the state.

However, I sense from your post that you feel a very high level of stress. It is understandable, because the situation is not good. But I think that you need to look after yourself as absolute priority. I know from myself, that high levels of stress can trigger a vestibular migraine attack - and this is something you want to avoid. Maybe just start with taking some deep breaths, make yourself a cup of your favourite tea and listen to some calming music. I find that a hot bath with Epson salt and some lavender oil also helps.

As for your father, are you able to speak to him in a reassuring and calming way? He is clearly anxious (very understandable), but if he is in a quarantine facility, I would imagine they have medical staff to look after him. If he is calm, he’ll be better able to handle the situation.

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Following the news by CDC, it was mentioned that during the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder and I feel I belong to the 4 individuals. I just can’t help thinking about what’s going on and why vaccines are not enough. Though, I appreciate your concern and I’ll try your recommendation about using lavender oil.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. If your father already tested positive, I wouldn’t think he can catch more virus. His body is obviously strong enough to fight it, so nothing further will happen to him. I think (although I’m not a doctor) it’s like being pregnant. You can’t be just a little pregnant and you can’t become more pregnant once you are. This virus replicates really fast, so the amount you initially get doesn’t matter. Being asymptomatic is really good news!
I can imagine this would affect him mentally though. Assure him he’ll be fine. According to numerous studies, the best way to protect yourself is sleep as much as you can and reduce stress. If he has a mobile device, I’d say the best thing to do is to watch funny movies on YouTube like stand up comedy. Also maybe a good time to catch up on some reading or start a new hobby like meditation or learning something on YouTube? That’s what I did when I was sick. The same goes for you… Google a list of best comedies of all time and watch it whenever your negative thoughts come back. He’ll be back home before you know it…


Try to pay attention on positive sides like your father was only asymptomatic and no serious illness was diagnosed. You also need to take good care of your health mentally and physically. Try to do activities that can divert your attention and at the same time would help your health like exercising.

I was going to reply at length to this, but the levels of misunderstanding are so great that it’s impossible to get any purchase. It seems like state brainwashing has turned you into a nervous wreck. Know that there’s a 99.74% recovery rate to start with. Know that masks are virtually ineffective and are only meant to signal subservience and compliance.
Do you really still believe the propaganda that mainstream media is putting out.
Such as one case in New Zealand and the whole country goes into lockdown?! Do you realise what this REALLY is yet?
I don’t want to alarm you even further, even if that was possible, but you need to turn off your television, stop reading newspapers (because both are owned by the same satanic hands of control), and get out into the fresh air. So what if someone is asymptomatic? In a sense, everyone is asymptomatic of death, which will catch us all in the end.
You have frightened yourself senseless by believing all the scaremongering.

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He’s out of the facility and we did try your advise. Thank you for your suggestions. Observing my father at home, he became more addicted on following COVID news and keep on buying alcohol and even air purifiers. He seems panicking at all times. Do you think this is a normal reaction after undergoing a quarantine?

I just don’t know as there are numerous conspiracies also circulating the social medias. In times like this, its really hard what to believe. Hope I can be like you, how come you are strong and not afraid? You’re just simply not believing on it?

I imagine being in quarantine would be extremely scary, so he’s probably traumatised. Men don’t know how to talk about their feelings, so they drink alcohol instead- to stop feeling. It’s ok to have few drinks after stressful times, it actually helps, but not too often. But there’s no need to be scared anymore for either of you- you were both exposed and didn’t get sick, so you’re very lucky. Watching tv is the worst thing you can do, it will traumatise you even more. It’s good to get the facts, but no need to watch reports for hours. Go spend sometime in nature instead. I’m buying a bicycle this week, I’ll ride my anxiety away :joy: Hang in there, it will all be over in few months

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I do not believe ANYTHING I see or hear that comes from mainstream press or television. Any by this I mean ANYTHING at all. I believe that the entire media system is rigged and propagandized by an over-arching control system that represses people. BigPharma and the medical system is also inculcated into this system. This sounds paranoid on my part but I have countless examples about how this works; too numerous to mention.
There is currently an agenda taking place that has been written about by Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum. His book is called “Covid 19: the Great reset”.
Everything is linked together and most people know nothing about it. In fact, it is probably best for them to get vaccinated to be honest.