Crackling in ears

Ann odd ailment as part of this whole mess, but does anyone understand or comprehend why I hear crackling in my ears…somewhat like there is water in there ???

I am still sampling drugs like a junkie on the streets…currently on Lamictal @ 100mg with no changes yet. I have only been on 100mg for about 3-4 days…was at 50mg before that.

Alas…the “fun” journey continues and frustration has obviously set in.

But specifically, I am inquiring about the crackling of ears…and periodic hearing deficiencies that are going on as well.

Any input would be appreciated


do you hear it just when you say rub your ears - or is it all the time / at random times?

I wonder if you are describing the same thing-or something similar-that happens to me. It sounds like my brain is squishing back & forth in my head. I tend to have really bad days when I get this particular tinnitus. Does it sound like what you experience? It would be nice to not be alone!


Deaf; MAV: no longer has vertigo since labyrinthectomy but still has dizziness; 6-65 migraines a month; multiple meds & Botox; uses wheelchair due to extreme imbalance & dizziness with walking, probable cerebellum damage from migraines

I get the crackling in the ears, sometimes one sounds a bit muffled and then might pop and clear. I was diagnosed with endolymphatic hydrops years ago. Strangely, sometimes, when the ear is bad and I take painkiller for the dizzy head, the ear clears. I think the two are connected.



Yes I do. For me the crackling, popping sensation is actually related to my TMJ. As long as I have that under control I won’t get the popping/crackling. On the other hand I do sometimes get a sensation of fullness in both ears (like the last couple of days) and sound is distant/muffled. I’ve seen a GP about it in the past and there’s nothing apparantly wrong with anything ENT related so I can only assume it’s migraine activity. It’s a really annoying sensation.


When I was in the MRI today, I had earplugs in and I actually heard crackling and swooshing. Probably because of the earplugs, but I heard it. Must be an ear pressure issue. It was strange though, but when I took the earplugs out, no more noises.


All right…so here is the skinny on my ear situation.

Maybe someone has heard / gone through it and can advise.

Sometimes, I have a hunch that this is related to my fullness / odds feelings I get…but sometimes, I just do not know what the f### to think :?

My left ear is currently down in hearing to about 20%. It has been that way before…and then, mysteriously, it finds it’s way back to normal and my hearing is back to 100%.

This is not like menieres …where people take a hearing hit and then progressively they keep losing it until it completely goes away. This has happended 3 or 4 times before , and always comes back at 100%.

However, my right ear also feels “full” and muffled. If I lightly do the valsava manuever (ie. holding nose and barely pushing out)…the right ear will kind of pop and my hearing in the right ear goes to 100% and everything is perfect. Until I swallow or eat or something like that…then it gets full again and the hearing becomes compromised.

When I do the valsava on it (and it becomes perfectly clear)…sometimes I hear funky crackling going on in there :evil:

Sometimes I wonder if this may have some hydrops associated with it…but you would not think hydrops would hang around for 5 years…but again…who the f### knows :slight_smile:

So that is it…if this sounds familiar or there is something else that I should be exploring, I would love to hear from you.



I have pressure and fullness in my left ear, its worse certain times and has lessened since being on meds. My doc also thinks I could have hydrops, my hearing is always a little muffled in that ear compared to my right, I know ear problems are common with mav so its sorta hard to distinguish between what is migraine and what is not.

— Begin quote from __"Go Gonzaga"However, my right ear also feels “full” and muffled. If I lightly do the valsava manuever (ie. holding nose and barely pushing out)…the right ear will kind of pop and my hearing in the right ear goes to 100% and everything is perfect. __

Yep - I have the same experience (left ear though ) although it doens’t become completely clear with the valsava manoeuvre. I always get the funky crackling when I do it. Although I don’t have a sense of hearing loss per se (and my hearing test is above average WTF?!! :lol: ) it just feels lie the re is a bit of cotton wool or something in there and if I could just clear it (or do the valsava a bit longer / harder it would clear completely),. It’s annoying - but doesn’t happen that often - although is normally worse during/after a bad stretch , and is always accompanied by the “ear fullness” sensation that you refer to - and when I press my ear together it always sounds / feels “wet” although drs always say it’s fine, not waxy etc yadda yadda yadda

— End quote

The fullness and muffled hearing has been ramping up for me the last few days and driving me nuts! I’ve got a new role at work that is going to require me to deliver training - not possible when hearing the sound of my own voice is like being in an echo chamber with a towel wrapped around my fuzzy head :frowning:

Could it be eustachian tube dysfunction?

I have exactly the same kind of thing going on–fullness, crackling, etc.–although my hearing is never reduced by as much as 80%. It is sometimes reduced, though, especially when my tinnitus is bad or when my ears feel plugged. I’m still not sure if this is entirely MAV or if I have eustachian tube issues too. It’s a very annoying situation!

I have fullness in ears, raging tinnitus, and my ears crackle when I swallow… if I understood right, Dr S told me it’s because blood vessels going to the ears are end arteries, hence the ear symptoms…

More on my amazing appointment with Dr S coming soon. (I am realyl excited to tell everyone about it!) :smiley: