Cranial Sacral Massage........?

Hey Everyone,

Has anyone heard of a Cranial Sacral Massage? If yes…have you ever had this kind of massage? I recently have been getting professional Swedish massages at an institute that teaches Massage Therapy…reason i go there is because the massages are nearly 1/2 the price because these students are in the process of learning to be massage therapists. Anyway…the woman who runs the place has recommended that i see a Prior Student who does Cranial Sacral Massage (i told her about my MAV condition) and she believes massaging parts of the head including other areas of the body could very well help my Vestibular Migraine. I haven’t called him yet…really need to think this out. My biggest concern is having someone work on my head and it makes the condition worse.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi Joe,

In my opinion, it’s another form of relaxation therapy that has no evidence behind it in terms of actually treating any disease or condition. I don’t think I’d be comfortable having my head and neck moved all over the place to be honest. My ex used to beg me to have this treatment but I gave it a miss.

Cheers … Scott

Hey Joe,

There is a thing called ‘Cranial Sacral Therapy’ sometimes also called Cranial Sacral Massage I believe. It is complete voodoo nonsense. They put their hands on your head and claim to ‘tune in’ to your ‘rhythms’. I’ve seen it in action - people pay around $80 for someone to put their hands on their head and occasionally wave them around over the top or pull imaginary strings of stuff out from the air above their heads. Or maybe that was Reiki. Also nonsense.

If on the other hand you are talking about plain and simple scalp and head massage then I give that the big thumbs up. I don’t know if it’s MAV or TMJ or both but my actual scalp gets tight and sore. I find scalp massage very relaxing and it relieves that tension.


Hey Scott & Victoria,

I’m hesitant about this type of massage too. I spoke with this guy last night and while speaking to him over the phone i heard some religious overtones that the lord will help him thru this to help me. Not that i have anything in general about religion, to me this is a red flag. He said that if i don’t feel any better at the end of the first session i don’t have to pay him. He also said that after 3 sessions if there is not much improvement he will discontinue. It cost 85 bucks per session…i don’t think i’m going to do it. When i go for just a regular sweedish massage at the place i generally get my massage i can ask the massage specialist to massage my head and that could relax me.



Hi Joe
I get a very thorough and rigorous head/neck massage weekly. It doesn’t really do much for my MAV but it feels good and relieves tension. I know Scott has had reactions to massage that are sometimes negative. I guess it depends on if this is a trigger for you?
I’d probably give it a miss as well…

I was going to do it when I first got sick but then decided to give it a miss.

It’s all crap in my opinion. Save your money.

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I spoke with this guy last night and while speaking to him over the phone i heard some religious overtones that the lord will help him thru this to help me.

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I’m definitely running…far, far away! :slight_smile:

Thanks Everyone…Joe

Joe, its cheaper to go to the hairdresser!

Seems to be the latest thing, that while you are having your hair shampooed and have your neck nearly breaking off in those torturous sinks, just when you think you cant take anymore, they start to massage your head. Who decided this was a good idea :shock:


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i heard some religious overtones that the lord will help him thru this to help me.

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Joe, that’s not just a red flag, it’s more like a nuclear blast. I’d keep clear of this individual by at least 50 miles. :lol:


Scott & Christine,

You guys have solid points and believe me i’ve thrown out his phone number. What really made me hesitat is when he said “I’m not familar with this kind of migraine but with the lord i’m hoping to help you”. Sorry, that does not jive with me.


I’m glad you’ve had a chance to vent all that. Now for something completely different:

I’ve enjoyed it, studied it, and when I was a somatotherapist, performed it.

No “moving the head and neck all over the place” either in what I received or what I was taught.

No religious overtones, or I would have been outa there.

Voodoo? Damned if I know.

What I can say is that with my fingertips I did feel a subtle (meaning low-level, not ethereal) pulsing through cranial sutures. Whether what I received, and when offering the work, performed, actually reflected a useful modification of the pulsation or a placebo response, I canna say.

If I knew of a reliable local practitioner, I’d try it again.