Cranium/skull lifts? Upper cervical?

What are yall’s thoughts on cranium/skull adjustments/lifts to treat dizziness? A chiropractor recommended that (I’ve seen Atlas and NUCCA chiropractors and he says they do the neck/atlas and he does the cranium/skull) and also says he does upper cervical lifts but different than NUCCA/Atlas because he does above the neck as well

I didn’t see any other posts about cranium/skull lifts

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I have no idea what cranium/skull lifts are but i watch whole bunch of vids on chiropractor stuff even to this day. If i had to go to a chiropractor, the only ones that seemed legitimate is the ones that practice gonstead chiro. They use multiple tools to find hot spots and nerve activation and only adjust those area. Not your typical wham bam thank you ma’am cracking your whole body and you are out in 5 mins.

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Hmm I’ve seen many chiropractors and they’ve done activators and such but haven’t done this. Going to go with my neurologist and try nerve block shots and maybe some drug ideas he has and then maybe a cervical/cranium lift or hair analysis but good to know if other options!

I did Blair upper cervical chiro last May. My first adjustment was amazing. I immediately had warm hands and facial pain gone. Balance immediately improved. Felt like a freaking miracle. Then went back as instructed and different Dr adjusted me another way. Immediately brought on all my left side symptoms and dizziness. Went back to first Dr (the renowned expert) he tried to adjust back, but never got there completely. I went for many more months with no improvement. So my personal opinion is that in the right hands, it can work, if that’s your problem. I curse the day I went back for 2nd appt. So I cautiously advise, but be careful.

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Yeah I’ve done NUCCA and Atlas chiropractic with a couple providers and I think that’s also upper cervical (I’ve also done cranial sacral work) but this chiropractor I spoke with said he does more the skull/cranium and lifts of the head which is what I thought I did with NUCCA/Atlas/cervical but this new guy is like “oh they were focusing on your neck”

Hi. You certainly do seem to have tried everything. So far to no avail so may I ask what actual diagnosis if any have you been given? Was it MAV or VM? Helen

Hi Helen
What is the difference between VM and MAV? I have never been diagnosed with MAV just Chronic Vestibular Migraine st least thats whats on my medical records and letters. I just thought they were the same thing🤔

According to the Menieres Society info ‘Vestibular migraine is also known as migraineous vertigo, migraine-associated vertigo, migraine-related vertigo’, so I guess the answer must be ‘not much’ in terms of difference although you’d need to check with a neurologist to be sure. Helen