Crash continues should i up the drugs?

Well this is the strongest relapse i v’e had so far on pregabalin. Does it mean the drug is no longer working? If I decrease all my new activity eg going out, teaching lessons will it recover its eficacy? I have built up a life in the 8 months of being on the drug and I can’t go back to just staying in bed all the time. i did that for 3 years. Sorry to moan but I 've set up to do some lovely things over the next weeks and the symptoms are going mad. I just don’t understand what is too much for me. Sorry to vent. Has anyone heard of people taking more than the 600 mls pregan limit a day?

Fiona, I just wanted to say hang on in there. It sounds like you’re in a bad place and feeling a bit panicky - I think you should have a cup of tea, chill out, and call Dr S. I saw him the other day, and when I said that the Nortrip hadn’t been working for me he said ‘you should have called me’. He will know about the dosage of the Preg, and tell you whether or not you can up it. Try not to worry, and let us know how you get on xx

Hang in there Fiona! I agree with Sally, talk to your doc and see what can be done. I am not familiar with the drug you are on, but I am on 3 daily preventatives and have been for 4 years to try to keep this MAV under some control :mrgreen:

Thinking of you!

Hi Fiona,

I’m not familar with your particular med either, but a couple of years ago when I was on 75mg of Prothiaden my symptoms all started to creep back, so I slowly upped the dose to 150mg and that really helped a lot. See what your doctor says - maybe more of this med or try another one? Good luck.